How Cosmetic Braces Can Give You the Beautifully Aligned Smile You’ve Always Wanted – In a Matter of Months


Cosmetic BracesThe modern orthodontic world offers several alternatives to fixed metal braces for adults who want to improve the position of their teeth. One popular choice is to have cosmetic braces, which are designed to blend in well with the natural colour of your teeth for maximum discretion.

Fixed braces remain, in many cases, the best way to straighten teeth, because the give your orthodontist or dentist maximum control over the movement of each tooth. Although children and teenagers may enjoy the colour-customisation options available with today’s fixed metal braces (using coloured elastics to personalise your braces in the colour of your favourite football team, or matching your brace colour with your friend’s) the thought of metal can be a barrier for adults.

Tooth-coloured braces do what they claim – they blend in well with the natural colour of your teeth. You should have a professional tooth clean before your braces are fitted, and should practise rigorous oral hygiene to avoid any plaque discolouration or stains, helping to make your braces next to invisible.

Six Month Smiles, a popular system of cosmetic braces used at Slough Braces Centre, are one of the world’s most trusted clear brace brands. In addition to blending in with your teeth, they take an average of half a year to work, and are considered much more comfortable than traditional braces.

The significantly shortened average treatment time is possible because these braces work on the front six teeth – the ones on show when you smile. Whilst they are not designed for major correction of issues affecting the bite, in cases of mild to moderate cosmetic correction, Six Month Smiles are often the perfect solution.

To ensure you know how to clean around your braces properly, being careful to remove any trapped food particles quickly and efficiently, you will need to book a visit to your dental hygienist. He or she will teach you the best methods of brace cleaning, including using any special techniques or tools.

Once tooth straightening is complete, many people enjoy a brightness boost with teeth whitening treatment – an added bonus to their smile makeover.