Protect Your Eyes From Dust And Other Contaminants Inside The Shop

Protect Your Eyes From Dust And Other Contaminants Inside The Shop

Dust extractors being usedThe increasing demands for products that use metal and iron materials have spurred the growth of sandblasting services. These specialised shops use sandblasting equipment and ground materials to prepare the metal surface for powder coating.

Often, manufacturers of some metal products prefer the dry finishing process of powder coating, which requires metal surfaces to undergo sandblasting processes, so the coating will tightly bond. The only thing with sandblasting shops is that since the personnel is using finely-ground materials, the interior of the store often looks like it was hit with a sandstorm.

This can cause a lot of problems, particularly to the eyes of the workers. Sandblasting shops have implemented some safety measures to minimise the risk of eye infection or damage.

Adequate Eye Protection

Due to the nature of the finely-ground materials that come out from sandblasting equipment, workers need to have sufficient eye protection. It is not enough that you wear safety goggles as this type of eyewear has been known to shield your eyes against minor tasks. Swirling dust particles after each sandblasting process can enter the gaps between the goggles and your face.

If you are thinking of wearing protective goggles with rubber seams to seal your eyes in, you would be sorely mistaken to think you are now protected. Light particles that settled on your face can get into your eyes once you remove such eyewear.

Full Head Covering

There are safety wears, such as the full helmet configuration, which are designed to properly protect against fine particles emitted by sandblasting and abrasive processes. This full head cover design will protect you against such particles from your eyes to your head and neck.

According to Safe Work Australia, this full helmet configuration complete with a safety eyewear fixed inside the headgear is best for sandblasting shops. Using this protective headgear and eyewear, sandblasting shop workers will be more than adequately protected against fine contaminants flying in the air inside these shops.

Dust Extractors

Sandblasting and abrasive service shops need dust extraction equipment to remove dust and other fine particles that are present in the air. An article posted on the underscored the importance of using dust extractors in shops where fine particles are floating freely in the air. Using this equipment on top of other safety gears will make the workplace much safer for the eyes of the shop’s workers.

Working in sandblasting shops can expose workers to various health risks like suffering from eye irritation or damage. Bear in mind that damage to the eye can sometimes be permanent. Although this does not mean you will go blind immediately, your vision will somewhat be affected.

When this happens, it will be very hard for you to do regular tasks which you used to perform easily. Wearing sufficient protection, alongside other protective measures, can help shield your eyes from such risk.