The Mysterious Green Dust of Auckland

The Mysterious Green Dust of Auckland

Green Dust of AucklandIf you have ever left your window open during a warm day in Auckland, you will have likely noticed some strange, green dust gathering on your windowsill or on your furniture.

While some Auckland residents pay it no mind and leave the job to house cleaning, other residents are much more concerned about its presence. Since dust is typically grey in appearance, seeing a more unusual colour, like a bright green, can be alarming.

Concerned Residents

The presence of this mysterious green dust is worrisome enough that several residents choose to call the Auckland Council, wondering what it could be. The number of queries typically increases during spring time, when the unusually coloured dust seems to be most abundant.

Some residents worry that the dust is actually a pollution problem, and even call upon the help of pollution investigators. Many worry that the emerald coloured dust could be harmful to their health.

While the dust is not a pollution problem, it can be somewhat hazardous to people with allergies.

Green Dust Explained

The mysterious green dust that seems to worry so many Auckland residents is actually just pollen. While the majority of residents are more familiar with yellow pollen, green pollen can also be fairly common in the area.

The green pollen comes from pine trees, which are abundant in the forests and hills surrounding the city. Strong winds and warmer temperatures mean that the pollen travels from the forests and into the cities, settling on resident’s cars and houses as a bright, green dust.

It is a perfectly natural occurrence and is typically not harmful unless you have a pollen allergy. People who are allergic to pollen should reduce their exposure to it and manage their symptoms with antihistamines.

If you ever find green dust in your home, do not panic — it’s just pollen from the pine trees nearby.