9 Pro Tips for a Mannerly Business Meal

9 Pro Tips for a Mannerly Business Meal

Business mealsWhy are follow-up interviews and business negotiations often held over a meal? Well, your dining skills can reveal a lot about you, including how you socialise and handle yourself under pressure.

If you’ve been invited for a business meal in Brisbane, basic dining etiquette can help you impress your host.

Your Host Is in Charge

The success of the meal should be the responsibility of the host. Let the host select the restaurant and pick the tab. Still, carry some money, and a credit card in preparation for any eventuality, the Regatta Hotel advises.

Follow the Lead of Your Host

Regarding the menu, don’t order too little or the most expensive item on the menu. You may appear as nervous or ravenous, respectively.

Pick and Choose with Caution

Avoid foods that are hard to navigate or require using fingers as a utensil. Foods to steer clear from include spinach or kale salad, spaghetti, meat patties and chicken wings.

Try to Sample Everything on Your Plate

Unless you have an allergy, you should try a little of everything on the plate. Otherwise, you may appear unsophisticated or juvenile.

Pass Both the Salt and the Pepper

If someone needs the salt, pass the pepper too. You will make an impression that you understand table rules, and you are courteous.

Recover Fast from Table Accidents

Handle any accident on the table and move on quickly. You may ask for help from your server but don’t give the situation undue attention.

Stay Away from Other People’s Water Glasses and Bread Plates

Your knife, soup spoon, and drink is on your right side. Your fork and bread plate on the left, always.

Keep your Right Hand Free of Germs

Direct a cough or sneeze into your left shoulder and shield it with your left hand.

Let a Dropped Utensil Stay on the Floor

Brush off a dropped utensil out of the way using a foot and signal your server for a replacement.

Take advantage of the business meal is to build a professional relationship. Create a good reputation, showcase your professional knowledge, impress with your strong communication skills and prove that you pay attention to details. And remember to enjoy your meal.