Why an SUV is the Best Type of Vehicle to Own in Auckland

Why an SUV is the Best Type of Vehicle to Own in Auckland

SUV in New ZealandAuckland is the largest and most populous city in New Zealand. Despite being an urban hub, Auckland also benefits from surrounding countryside and coastal line, offering many outdoor activities, including surfing, canyoning and river rafting. Anyone who wants the best of city and rural life will truly enjoy living in Auckland.

With a range of activities on offer, anyone living in Auckland will greatly benefit from owning a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), an extremely adaptable and ideal vehicle for the Auckland lifestyle. Several dealerships, such as aucklandmotors.co.nz, offer a range of SUVs to cater to the needs of those who love to adventure. Here are some reasons why an SUV is the best type of vehicle to own in Auckland:

SUVs Offer the Best of Both Worlds

One of the advantages of owning an SUV is that it offers the best of both worlds. Its robust exterior is perfect for off-road conditions, but its size is still compact enough to easily manoeuvre through urban traffic and parallel park. It also offers extensive amount of storage space for sports equipment or city shopping.

In fact, an SUV is so suited to New Zealanders that people throughout the country are choosing to purchase an SUV instead of a car.

It is Safer during Rainy Weather

Auckland has a very humid climate and has more than 1,200 mm of rainfall every year. Heavy rain and flooding can make roads difficult to pass, particularly through country lanes. Unlike sedans, SUVs are better equipped to handle such conditions and designed to cross shallow rivers and easily drive through mud. The steering system and heavy-duty tyres make the vehicle suitable for a variety of conditions and terrain.

SUVs are adaptable, practical vehicles that perfectly meet the needs of many Auckland residents, offering the perfect blend of outdoor proficiency with the easy handling of a city car.