Deal with Termites with Measures Recommended by Extermination Experts

Deal with Termites with Measures Recommended by Extermination Experts

exterminator clearning wooden stairs from termitesYou may recall that last night, you noticed winged insects emerging in the yard while the family was seated on the sofa and watching television. The insects flocked to a light source, and you didn’t think much of it. This morning, you saw flimsy wings and a few dead bodies of insects on the patio. If you keep ignoring these signs you’re in for a lot of trouble later on. You are already looking at signs of a termite infestation. It is time to call for drywood termite control experts.

Advanced Infestation and Its Consequences

If some parts of the house are made of wood, you can try to see if there are tunnels being dug under the surface. When the work of termites is done or ongoing, the wood sounds hollow upon tapping. Advanced infestation changes the surface of the wood. You might not see the insects themselves, but the infested wood will have a blistered appearance. As much as $5 billion worth of damages annually is attributed to their wood-eating habits.

Drywood termites favor attic framing, wooden rafters, picture frames, and pieces of furniture. You may also find them in door frames, window frames, sidings, and wooden trims. An average colony may consist of 2,500 individual insects. The immature insects do all the work, and you’d see them swarm in full force when it is warm. They are different from the subterranean termites in some ways, but both species chew through wood and cellulose products and leave a wave of destruction in their wake.

Preventing Termite Access

The best way to avoid the hassles and expenses of termite intervention is to prevent them from gaining access to your property. Scrap wood and firewood attract these insects. As such, you must check the perimeter of the house and ensure that there’s nowhere for the termites to hide. They will establish their colony as soon as the conditions are ideal. They can pass through small holes and gain access to your home without your knowledge.

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Measures and Methods

Vents are access points, but if there is a 20-grade screen mesh over them the insects will be discouraged to enter. Nail holes and cracks may allow the insects access so seal them off completely. However, it is not enough to cover the vents with mesh and the holes with sealant. Look for a product that is borate-based as well. In a termite-prone zone, you’ll have to consider treating the wood with sodium borate, which is toxic to the insects. When you hire a professional exterminator, they might consider injecting the wood to get rid of termites or spray them with termiticide consisting of mineral salts. Oftentimes, the best intervention is the removal of infested material, but the effectiveness of this measure depends on the extent of the problem.

Before you take the matter in your own hands, consider asking for expert opinion. Licensed pest control companies can offer more than one measure for termite control and prevention. You can make an informed decision that can lead to better results if you discuss possible interventions with them.