Bug Off: Keeping Pests Away from Your Shed

Bug Off: Keeping Pests Away from Your Shed

Preventing Pest InfestationMany shed owners face the issue of mice and pest infestations because these pests love to hide in warm, dark spaces. Owners should keep them away to prevent any damage to the structure. Shed providers, such as Cedar Shed, add that clean garden sheds prevent the spread of unsanitary conditions to individuals. Thus, shed owners can apply these pest control measures to keep their property clean, safe and pest-free.

Clean Tools before Storing

Any remaining residue on the tools can attract vermin and other pests. Thus, it is important to clean these tools properly before storing them. Use fresh water to wash gardening tools and air-dry them before putting them away.

Place Fragrant Plants near the Shed

Roaches, as well as other pests, are not fond of fragrant plants. As an alternative to pesticides, opt to plant lavender and peppermint around the shed. These plants are effective rodent repellents.

Plug Holes

Mice and other small insects can easily get into the shed through small holes. Check for any gaps or holes in the ceiling, floors, walls and doors and seal them right away. For added protection, use cork, caulking tools and mesh wire to plug up those holes. Shed owners may even use rodent repellent next to the sealed area to prevent mice from interfering with the seals.

Clean the Shed on a Regular Basis

Start by getting rid of unnecessary clutter, such as unused plastic containers and empty boxes. These can serve as a shelter for pests. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean hard-to-reach places. Shed owners will have fewer pests to worry about when they opt to clean their shed regularly.

Pest prevention measures can keep mice and other pests away from damaging a shed. Homeowners looking to minimise shed infestation may consider an ‘off the wall’ garden shed to enable them to check the walls for a pest infestation and other possible pest entrances.