Tools For Keeping Track of Your Employees

Tools For Keeping Track of Your Employees

TimePicture this: your boss suddenly calls you out because it turns out your team has the most inconsistencies in terms of attendance. All of this is simply because your team’s manual attendance log is outdated and full of mistakes — frustrating, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, this scenario happens in some companies. Most employers have difficulty tracking their employees, thus making it difficult to process salaries and evaluate performance. As such, they use the following technologies to prevent the consequences of inadequate attendance monitoring:

Cloud-based time and attendance trackers

Companies can track employee attendance easily through cloud-based trackers. Salarium notes that these trackers allows organizations to integrate any number of employees, work locations and time information in the cloud.

With cloud-based trackers, employees can log and track their attendance accurately. They only have to log on to the attendance tracker software online while the tracker records the information for the employer and HR personnel’s reference.

Self-tracking apps

Advances in app development made it possible to have time and attendance trackers on smartphones and tablets. As such, most companies nowadays use these self-tracking tools to make the attendance process more convenient for employees.

Self-tracking apps allow employees to log and view their attendance, pay slips and leave balances on mobile devices. Most of these tools even feature the employee’s productivity. With these tools, employees can assess and improve their performance in terms of attendance. Employers can also monitor them more effectively.

Biometric Timekeeping System

Employers know that even the most advanced trackers have limitations, which some people take advantage of. That’s why some companies and government offices use a biometric timekeeping system to prevent such inconsistencies. This system records a person’s working hours by identifying human DNA, thus eliminating the chances of logging in or out using different credentials.

Door controllers

Some companies use door controllers to address attendance problems. Employees usually swipe proximity cards to these devices to log in and enter the premises. Door controllers help employers track employee attendance accurately and keep their office safe at the same time.

Inadequate time and attendance monitoring may cause problems in payroll processing and performance tracking if left alone. Investing in these devices will help reduce or prevent these problems from happening to your company.