All about LASIK Eye Surgery: Did You Know These Facts?

All about LASIK Eye Surgery: Did You Know These Facts?

Eye Surgery in SingaporeAre you tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses? Perhaps it is about time to discard them and try LASIK surgery. It is a laser eye procedure that involves cutting across the cornea, raising a flap tissue and reshaping it to correct your vision.

To know more about this treatment, here are some important facts and surprising benefits:

LASIK Eye Surgery Corrects Vision Problems

People who are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism can improve their vision through LASIK surgery. With improved peripheral vision, the patient does not have to wear glasses or contact lenses. Those with strong lens prescriptions are not good candidates for this procedure.

The Procedure Reduces Allergy Symptoms

Other than improving vision, the surgery reduces the symptoms of allergy. Because the patient does not wear glasses or contact lenses anymore, eye irritation, headaches and sinus pain become less after the treatment.

The Recovery is Fast

The procedure does not require stitches, so some patients feel only a very slight pain. Others experience a certain discomfort a few hours after the surgery, but they usually recover fast. There is a number of reputable eye specialists in Singapore. Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre clarifies that the recovery period depends on a variety of factors, and following the doctor’s instructions will help patients recover faster.

The Procedure is a Bit Challenging

Just like any other medical procedures, there is a risk of complications. If problems occur, corrections are possible through further surgeries. Doctors do their best to ensure a successful treatment and a positive outcome.

The Vision May Fluctuate

Some patients improve their vision at night. Others experience glares that make driving at night slightly difficult, which is why they wear glasses. These rare cases require additional surgeries to further correct the vision.

Your eyes play a significant role in your life. These sense organs need extreme care just like the rest of your body. To prevent eye problems, a regular eye check-up should be part of your health routine.