Role of Surgery in the Treatment of Facial and Oral Problems

Oral Surgery in Salt Lake CityOral surgery is a growing field in medicine with the main goal of treating diseases and injuries in various tissues of the head, neck, mouth and jaw. It encompasses dental procedures to ensure that normal biting, chewing and swallowing are maintained. Unfortunately, the head, neck and surrounding structures are susceptible to injuries, infections and deformities.

Facial Bone Injuries

The facial bones are important for muscle attachment, aesthetic improvement and organ protection. It stabilizes vital structures such as the brain, sensory organs and muscles responsible for chewing, speaking and moving your head. Unfortunately, these bones have a tolerable amount of force to prevent compression of underlying organs. If maximum force is exerted, this can lead to fractures, bleeding and airway collapse.

In order to repair facial bone injuries, oral and maxillofacial surgeon perform reduction techniques to promote fracture healing. Titanium plates are also inserted to prevent displacement of the facial bone upon pressure exertion.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are comprised of the third set of molars that alter the normal positioning of your teeth. These are usually detected through clinical symptoms during late adolescence or young adulthood.  A patient in his 20s who complains of sudden pain near the tooth is the typical picture of a person suffering from impacted wisdom teeth in Salt Lake City. Prolonged teeth impaction may also lead to jaw stiffness, cheek discomfort and tongue irritation.

Mild cases entail tooth extraction depending on the stage and penetration to the gum. However, if the bony area is deeply lodged in the gum, the incision must be performed by an oral surgeon to remove the pierced section of the tooth. If the impacted teeth are not removed right away, it could cause infections, sensory disturbance and temporomandibular joint disorders.

Complications of facial injuries and dental deformities are easily preventable when detected right away. Hence, it is important to consult your oral surgeon during the initial symptoms of sudden localized pain in the face and mouth.