Create a Memorable Logo with these Techniques

Create a Memorable Logo with these Techniques

Some of the world’s best brands have memorable logos that audiences instantly associate with their products. Noteworthy examples include Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike and Volkswagen, just to name a handful. These companies don’t have fancy looking logos they are simple yet beautiful, and eye-catching.

Once you see them, you’ll know which brand they belong to and the products or services they offer. Experts on graphic design from Provo cite the following ways that enable you to create a memorable logo.

Own the Logo

Your branding must come across all aspects of your business, even with the logo. If you replace the name that’s on it, would it mean anything to those that see it? That’s the feeling you want to create when you make a logo; it has to be attributable only to your company.

The design, image, color combinations and the emotions it elicit should be associated with your company.

Make it Simple

You don’t have to be flashy or complex to attract an audience. The best brands use simple yet eye-catching logos that convey their message and identity. Simplify your design; this approach allows you to deliver a memorable and coherent value proposition with just an image.

And simplicity makes it easier to mesh with your website or brand materials. Consult with your design team or the professionals you hired when creating a logo. Clarify the vision you want to have and be flexible with the process and result.

Let it Reflect Your Identity and Values

A logo isn’t just an image you use on your website and brand materials. It must reflect your organizational values and identity. The colors, typography and the photos should reflect what you stand for and the message you want to convey.

This approach distinguishes your company from everyone else in your niche. Doing so allows you to solidify your position in the minds of your target audience.

Customized Color Scheme

designer choosing a colorEvery aspect of your logo should be a piece of a bigger puzzle that makes up your brand. Associate the colors you use with your brand’s persona and value proposition. Customize a color palette that makes your logo flexible wherever you place it.

This flexibility enables you to put it in various social media platforms and on different pages of your websites.

Use Emotional Triggers

A brand that elicits an emotion or emotions, or makes a person remember a positive experience, is the most effective at converting their audience. The logo plays a role in this strategy; the images and colors you use on it may trigger the abovementioned feelings.

Consider the psychology behind different colors and integrate this into the aesthetics of the logo you will make.

Find a Distinct Style and Typography

Details matter because they make up pieces of a whole. The typography and style you put into the logo contribute to the effectiveness of a brand. Choose one that reflects your identity and the message you want to send those that see it. The perfect example of great typography is the one used by Coke.

These are some of the ways to create a logo that converts those that see it or is at least recognizable. Implement these to make a strong brand that conveys your value proposition properly.