Trending Designs for Business Cards

Trending Designs for Business Cards

Do you know that a business card is more than just an identification tool these days? It’s a personal approach to promoting your brand and marketing your business and its services.

To convey your company’s message effectively, you must have an impressive business card. You can achieve this by applying these trending ideas in business card design.


Business cards printed or engraved on textured materials, such as steel or leather, are now big! They stand out from the rest, enticing more business owners and marketers to have textured business cards.

Another way to add texture to business cards is to use a letterpress printer. This printing method is the oldest form of printing, but it’s now making a comeback. It creates embossed letters or designs on a card, making them satisfying to touch. Your client will remember you by getting one of your printed cards.

Edible Business Cards

Yes, they exist. They’re not technically cards but pieces of wrapped food with contact details. For example, if you have a piece of gum, a cookie, or a packet of tea, you can put your business details on it. This type of design will be perfect if you’re in the food industry.

Experimental Typography

In the past, experimental typography on business cards would not have worked. It would’ve made your name and contact details on the card unreadable.

Today, however, many design companies want to make a statement. Experimental typography is now often used as an art form. Thus, it appears on business cards from art galleries, studios, and anything related to the art industry.

Die-cut Cards

card with smiley face

Die-cut business cards come in different shapes or sizes. It’s ideal to print business cards in pocket sizes, but die-cut ones can be smaller or a bit bigger than usual.

Die-cut cards are often customized according to the shape that a user wants. You can have a cake-shaped card for your bakeshop or a car-shaped card because you offer mechanic services.

Smart Card

Smart cards have 2D bar codes in them, which can be scanned using an app on your smartphone. Bar codes in smart cards can contain your name, company, and contact information.

Interactive Cards

If that sounds boring to you, you can also try getting an interactive business card. It’s a great way to make an impression on potential business partners and customers. The recipient must accomplish a simple task to acquire the information on your card.

While you might want to follow one of these trends and be creative with your business card, always be true to your personality and style. Don’t be a design victim! Create a card that will reflect your character. Let it speak for your business.

To be on the safe side, follow the layout of reliable marketing and advertising agencies. Your company logo should be on the top or upper left part of the card, with your name and contact details in the bottom right corner. The contents should also be direct or straight to the point.