Create a More Efficient Kitchen with These Commonly Neglected Features

Create a More Efficient Kitchen with These Commonly Neglected Features

When remodeling the heart of your home, there’s a myriad of things to think about – from the color palette, layout, countertop material, and appliances – to ensure that you get it just right. Aside from these, however, you also need to take into account some lesser-known features.

These could make a substantial difference to your kitchen’s practical use, finish and overall look. That said, below are some remarkable kitchen features that you might have overlooked, but could instantly transform your kitchen and make it more fun and easier to use.

It’s All About Symmetry and Balance

While it’s not possible to give your kitchen perfect symmetry, features strategically placed to create visual balance will look neater and project a sense of order and calm to the space. You can give your kitchen symmetry in lots of ways. You can opt to elect a focal point in one wall like a mantle or open shelving and then build balance around it. You can likewise bookend the design with tall cabinetry with identical width and height for a more balanced look. Also, consider a center kitchen island, evenly spaced light fixtures over the kitchen island or peninsula, balanced seating, or using texture and color to create symmetry and balance.

Opt for Internal Cabinetry Pull-Outs

Do you often find yourself having to scrounge around and pull all the other stuff out to get something in the back of your kitchen? Try kitchen cabinets in Salt Lake City. Internal cabinetry pull-outs can address this issue by bringing all odds and ends of your cabinet to you in just one pull.

These come in configurations for tall cabinets, wall units, base units, and corner units, with options for baskets, wire, and trays.

Consider a Waterfall Edge Counter

kitchen counterFor a bold statement, consider a waterfall edge countertop. A waterfall island could make a striking and sleek statement. So it’s perfect for modern and contemporary kitchens, but depending on the specific material, it could work quite well in traditional kitchen designs as well.

You can choose a contrasting hue to establish its place as the kitchen’s focal point or a similar shade to the rest of the furniture. Aside from bringing in a dramatic effect, a waterfall island can also be very practical. A standard overhang will enable the kitchen island to be utilized as additional eating space.

Don’t Forget USB Chargers and Popup Sockets

Popup sockets incorporated into your kitchen island can go a long way towards making it really multipurpose and flexible. Whether you are charging your smartphone or whipping up your morning smoothie while you cook breakfast.

It can likewise be very handy to place built-in USB ports in the socket boards, so you won’t need to use the actual sockets for charging USB devices. Built-in USB ports are especially convenient if you love to listen to music on your smartphone while cooking since you can charge your device without worrying that you’ll drain the battery.

So if you’re amped up to make your kitchen extra special but are uncertain as to where to start, consider the ideas above when remodeling to transform your kitchen from great to fabulous.