Kitchen Makeover Tips You Definitely Should Read

Kitchen Makeover Tips You Definitely Should Read

Mistakes in Kitchen MakeoverKitchen and bathroom remodeling can be fun and exciting. But these things also take a lot work. In fact people sometimes make a few mistakes during the process.

Let’s take on kitchen makeovers. Building a new kitchen is quite exciting, but before you start on the designs you better read these common kitchen design mistakes shared by Serenity Kitchen & Bath.

Emphasizing too much on the design. No matter how sleek your kitchen looks or how ornate the design of the countertop or the pantry, if it does not work well then it is definitely a design failure. What you want in a kitchen is a space that is operational. The design should allow smooth movement and lots of space for work.

Factor in the kitchen appliances and its placement. How much cooking are you going to do? Will there be children in the house popping in and out of the pantry? Do you bake frequently? When you have answered these questions, then you can think of the design you are going for.

Placement of power sources. The reason that you need to factor in the kitchen appliances is so you can install the proper power sources. This includes the power source for the refrigerator (installed below the countertops) or for the toaster and the electric juicer. The last thing you want to happen is to have extension cords running across the kitchen floor. Which brings us to…

Ignoring safety in favor of the design. Even if you have a magazine-worthy kitchen design, it would be useless if the area itself is not safe. Avoid tiles that get slippery when wet. Some tiles look absolutely immaculate when properly cleaned, but once they get wet they become pretty dangerous.

Remember that kitchens are typically one of the places in the house where water or items are spilled into the floor. You don’t want members of your family slipping and getting into all sorts of accidents. The same goes for the installation of exhaust fans. Definitely the air should be properly managed.

Lastly, one mistake people usually make is not having enough natural light. Dingy kitchens are such an eye sore. You want your kitchen to look warm and conducive not only for cooking, but also for conversations. In addition to this, adding windows in the kitchen provides good ventilation so you will never go wrong.


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