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4 Unique Wedding Ring Engraving Tips to Consider

Platinum Wedding RingsThe practice of engraving wedding rings has been around for centuries. Today, romantic messages are inscribed inside of the bands to personalize wedding rings in Utah and around the world. If you’ve been thinking of engraving your wedding bands, here are a few tips on how to go about it.

1. Have a skilled jeweler do it

Once you’ve found a reputable jeweler, request them to do the engraving for you as soon as you order the rings. If they aren’t able to do it, then they should refer you to a reputable engraver. Carefully check the spelling of the inscription for engraving before passing it on to the person doing the work.

2. Come up with a unique idea

Different people have different ideas as to what they want to be inscribed on their wedding rings. Take the time to think carefully about what you would prefer. It could be a few romantic words, a stanza from a poem or even an entire song. Skilled engravers can even inscribe a microscopic message that is only visible with a magnifying glass to keep it a secret between you and your spouse.

3. Do it early enough

Some engravers can do the engraving while you wait. Others will tell you to wait for up to a month – especially if it is a detailed or lengthy inscription. For this reason, it’s important to know how long your engraver will take so you can plan ahead or look for another person for the job.

4. Plan for the cost

Engraving costs can differ significantly based on how the inscription is done and how many characters are to be engraved. If done by machine, then it will be much cheaper. Hand-engraving will typically cost more, but you get that special hand-forged feel. Decide early about what you are willing to pay for.

Engraving your wedding rings is a unique way to customize them and give them a more personal, romantic touch. It’s something every couple should consider, given the significance of this new phase of life.

5 Wedding Services to Book a Year Early

Wedding Planners in Brisbane Your wedding is a new beginning for you and your future spouse. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when planning for a wedding. So where do you start? Here is a list of services you need to secure a year before you tie the knot.

Wedding Planner

If you want to avoid all the prenuptial confusion, hire a wedding planner. They are responsible for the organisation and detail of your special day, based on your ideas. Make sure to meet your wedding planner regularly and explain clearly your expectations for the event.


If you’ve set the date, book a venue as early as possible. In Brisbane, Australia, wedding venues should be booked 9 to 12 months before the wedding. March, April, November, and December are popular, so consider an early reservation if your wedding falls on any of these months.

Depending on the season and time, you could choose a venue that suits your wedding theme. Some venues even provide a wedding stylist to help you with your special day. The planners at victoriapark.com.au in Brisbane suggest choosing one that provides you with everything from flowers, draperies, lighting to linens to minimise those pre-wedding jitters.


Book your photographers in advance, especially if you’ve chosen a popular month and the demand for an excellent photographer is high. This will help you prepare your engagement photos and videos that you could show during the reception.

Catering Services

If the venue does not provide any catering service, make a separate reservation for a professional wedding caterer. Book them early to know the catering choices they could offer. This will also give the caterers time to grant you a food tasting, so you could judge which could satisfy you and your guests the most.


For couples who want to get married in some place other than a church, it’s better to look for an officiant or solemnising officer early on because you would want to talk about ceremony styles as well as your vow options. It is imperative to find that someone who could officiate your wedding and give it the sensitivity and solemnity you would want on your special day.

You don’t need a fairytale wedding, but it is better to start your married life with memories you won’t forget.

Tie the Knot Tighter in a More Special Way with these Tactics

Wedding Venues in Tunbridge WellsFor soon-to-be husbands and wives out there, they want their day of matrimony to be full of great memories, fun and happiness. Although accidents and incidents may still occur, this should not mean you should keep worrying about your tying-the-knot day.

This is especially true when you implement these tactics during the preparation phase of your wedding. With these strategies, not only will you obtain the above-mentioned goals, but you, your partner and all your guests surely will have an even more special day.

Go for a venue specifically designed for special occasions.

As tempting as it may sound, you may want to book a lavish place for your wedding, in the hopes of making the day really special. However, spending so much on the venue alone is no longer practical, says The Barn Pub & Restaurant. There are other great wedding venues in Tunbridge Wells that will not only serve the function of being the place where you become husband and wife; many of them also boast of a uniqueness that will surely make this day a very memorable and special one.

Reduce the hassles of having to book separate services.

One of the most exhausting things you might experience while preparing for your tying-the-knot day is making a list of all the people and service providers you need to work with. For instance, there are the caterers, wedding planners and florists, among many others.

To lessen the headaches of having to consult with so many different entities, you should try to look for a business that already offers several of these needed services. For instance, some wedding venues already have their in-house restaurant, which means you hit two birds with one stone. In other words, you already have a venue and a catering service to go with it.

Your wedding day expenses need to reach a sky-level just for it to be extremely special and unique. With these hacks, you can make this day really special not just for you and your partner, but everyone whom you invited as well.

Wedding 101: The Bride’s Checklist

BrideEvery girl has imagined her dream wedding scenario even before she finds Mr. Right. Weddings are meticulously planned for months and even years before the big day. Some believe that hiring wedding planners is the best move to get everything perfect. What they don’t realize is that the best wedding planner is none other than the bride to be.

Here are some of the vital aspects that you, as a bride, must plan:

Bridal themes

The wedding theme will reflect you and your husband-to-be’s personality. Your choices for the kinds of materials, colors and styles for your wedding dress, flowers, foods, church and reception decorations, and music, all of these must be in line with your overall motif. RedStellaSalonAustin.com reiterates that your hair and makeup should be, too. It is important that all the elements in your wedding are in sync and points at only one theme.

Ceremonial legalities

Your wedding is a sacred act of unifying you and your partner. It is imperative that you prioritize the documents needed and the ceremonial rites, to the prayers and down to the priest or officiator before going gaga over your wedding cake.

Lifetime Memories

Hiring videographers and photographers lets you document your wedding and will preserve your most special day for future throwbacks. Though they already know what to do, it’s still important to tell them what you personally want captured.  Nothing beats the feeling of nostalgia during future anniversaries and celebrations.

As the bride, you are the highlight of the ceremony, but before making the next move, it is best to discuss with your partner how you both want your special day to turn out. This way, your dream wedding is not only a manifestation of your special day, but of you and your future husband’s.

Every Bride’s Guide to Picture Perfect Wedding Photos

Wedding in ColoradoIt’s a fact: every bride wants beautiful wedding photos.

Despite the desire to look perfect in every photo, many brides fear awkward results, since it’s their first time in front of a professional camera, or the first time they are the focus of such attention. A double chin or something more unflattering is the last thing any bride wants for her wedding photos.

Capturing perfect shots on your special day is not an impossible task. With the help of your trusted photographers and a few posing techniques, candid shots and other pictures from your wedding will result in beautiful memories that are meant to last forever.

Finding the right one (photographer) for your special day

Elati Wedding Photography believes that the right photographer is the first step towards beautiful wedding pictures. It is essential to find a photographer who’s on the same page you are. Otherwise, you might end up with photos that fall short of your expectations.

Start your search by having consultations with photographers. Discuss matters such as candid and posed shots, backdrops, themes, etc. Also, don’t forget to consider each photographer’s style before hiring one.

Strike a pose — there’s nothing to it

While it’s up to your photographer to take good shots, it’s also your job to pose right.

Remember to always stand tall and straight whenever and wherever you are. This may seem like a challenge for a bride wearing heels all day, but try your very best not to slouch. Standing tall gives you that elegant aura that only belongs to happy brides on their wedding day.

Fitness Magazine also suggests not facing the camera straight on. According to them, facing the lens makes your chest, hips, and chin larger than your real size. Remember to stand and twist your waist slightly sideways when looking at the photographer. This way, you trim your midsection and place emphasis on your curves.

Nail the perfect wedding smile

Brides with the perfect smile look best — especially in the photos. In order to nail your smile, make sure you whiten your teeth and use the right lipstick. It also helps to work your best angle by staring at the mirror and figuring your good angles. With proper posture, your good angles will place emphasis on your smile.

Get picture perfect wedding photos by following the steps above. But wedding photos aside, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your special day.