4 Ways Clearspan Tents Create an Impressive Event Setup

4 Ways Clearspan Tents Create an Impressive Event Setup

Clearspan party tent shot from outsideOutdoor parties and estate weddings are just some of the many popular events that require tenting for putting up temporary internal spaces. Here are four reasons clearspan tents are the best temporary structures to use for these occasions.

1. Tough and Sturdy

A clearspan tent rental company in Minneapolis like the Après Event Décor & Tent Rental has a large inventory of clear tents for any type of event. These tents are made with sturdy materials that can withstand strong gusts of winds and rains and provide a comfortable level of shade from the sun.

2. Excellent Views

Clear tents offer unobstructed views, which allow everyone to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Clear roof tents offer an excellent view of the night sky and create a floodlit covered space during the day.

3. Easy to Style

Clear tents are easy to style, as they are already sleek and stylish on their own. You can go from doing a minimalist decor to full-on decor and still maintain an airy and wide open look to the space. This is key in creating an impressive space that feels comfortable enough for the guests to move around despite the crowd.

4. Multiple Setup Options

You can go for an open structure or an enclosed structure, depending on the weather. Sidewalls and air conditioning systems can be added to the setup to create a fully enclosed and well-ventilated space that will keep everyone safe and dry in case of inclement weather.

These tents are all the rage right now for their stylishness and versatility. You can even get a package that includes the services of an event stylist who can take care of the party decor, as well as supplying event furniture to complete the setup.