How to Create a Lived-in Look for Your Modern Rental Home Without Losing Your Deposit

How to Create a Lived-in Look for Your Modern Rental Home Without Losing Your Deposit

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The Ultra-Modern aesthetic is a popular choice among homeowners due to its practical features, wide appeal and reasonable costs to construct. If you prefer a new development for a rental to have access to updated and modern amenities, chances ours, you will also come across a modern, but stark and cold living space that can be tiring and uninspiring, especially if you crave character in a home. However, signing a lease also means some restrictions on the extent of modifications you can do in a space.

You don’t need to settle for a space that you don’t love, after all, home is where you expect to spend a lot of time in. You can introduce character and a lived-in look in the space without losing your deposit. Read on to learn strategies to achieve just that.

Incorporate Pieces with Unique Character

A modern space can look cold and impersonal when styled using a minimalist strategy so veer away from this approach. Select bold and interesting pieces as furniture to contrast with the modern backdrop of the space. Live edge wood slab dinning or coffee tables are a good choice to break the modern monotony in the space. Vintage furniture also offers character in a space in dire need of one. One or two vintage accent chairs can transform the space significantly, especially if it comes with warm textures and vivid colors.

Also, do not shy away from conversation pieces that represent your personality. Display your collection of trinkets and knickknacks to make the place truly your own.

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Use A Variety of Textures and Colors

To tone down the hard, modern features of your home rental space, you can incorporate a variety of textures with a definite complimentary or contrasting color strategy. Bring in tufted couches in rich leather or velvet for a start and build from that. If you are acquiring a furnished unit with a modern but generic couch, throw on a beautiful quilt to add some visual interest. Aside from your bedroom, you can also add textures to the different areas of your home using accent pillows and shams.

Put these soft yet decorative items around your home, on top of chairs and couches. You can even pile oversized pillows on the floor for a casual look. For window treatments, you can add drapes to frame your roll-up shades to provide added color and texture. To define spaces while incorporating soft finishes in your contemporary rental home, use area rugs to provide a break from the shiny and modern finish of the floors.

Bring the Outdoors In

Lastly, to effectively transform your modern space make it cozier and lived in, don’t forget to bring the outdoors in. Not only does it soften your space, but it also provides air cleansing qualities in your home. Position a tall snake plant on an empty corner or hang succulents using macramé hangers in varying lengths to provide vertical variety. Use vintage china to create a miniature indoor garden that can serve as a quirky centerpiece. Make your very own customized terrariums that can be placed inside bathrooms to breathe life into the space.

You don’t need to write off a modern rental option especially if it suits your location and amenity requirements just because the living space is too contemporary and generic. You can transform the space dramatically for a personalized, lived-in and cozy look without modifying the property drastically and going beyond the lease restrictions.