Dramatic Weight Loss Can Lead to Hair Loss

Dramatic Weight Loss Can Lead to Hair Loss

Hair Loss Cases in New JerseyLosing weight may be something that many people want. Some people work hard in the gym, while others go through rigorous diet to shed some pounds. Even if people do it the healthy way, sudden weight loss can lead to a number of unwanted body reactions. One of these is losing hair excessively.

Less Food, Less Hair

Dramatic weight loss can lead to intense hair shedding. Reduction of calories and unbalanced diet lead to it. Fortunately, this type of hair loss is just temporary.

Lack of protein can intensify hair loss, too. Protein is available in most food that people prefer not to eat them when they are trimming weight.

A low level of protein will give the body a natural reaction to shut down hair growth. The system prioritizes other necessary functions that need protein, such as preserving muscles. This can happen a couple of months after intensely losing weight.

Unlike hereditary hair loss that tends to be continuous, this hair shedding has a number of preventions. If you really want to stick to a strict diet or weight loss program, then you might want to watch your hair, too.

Fortunately, there are more ways to boost hair volume and growth aside from going under the knife. Hair transplant is not the lone choice anymore. There are now modern medical technologies to solve hair problems. For example, some reliable plastic surgeons in New Jersey activate stem cells for hair growth.

Unintended Weight Loss

Losing weight effortlessly and unintentionally is common among adults. A lot of them are busy with work or other aspects of life that consumes nutrients and energy in their bodies. Different activities and events that stress you can cause your weight to drop, too; as a result, the hair also falls terribly.

There are illnesses that shock the body and decrease weight in just a short span of time. The body then makes use of the stored energy and nutrients to rebuild damaged cells. After a while, a person will lose hair not knowing why.

Losing weight and losing hair may not always be something that people associate with each other. People must consider providing the body with alternative sources of nutrients when on a strict weight loss program.