The Path to Becoming a Shop Fitter

The Path to Becoming a Shop Fitter

ShopfittingWhen one mentions the building industry, one would readily think of male construction workers sweating under the sun. On truth, however, even women can perform well in a profitable building job. This job is what the retail industry calls the shopfitter.

As the name implies, a shopfitter is a professional tasked with fitting a retail or corner store with shelves and other fixtures it needs for its daily operations. While the task looks simple on paper, it actually calls for a number of different steps and areas of expertise.

In this case, if it interests you in becoming a shopfitter yourself, the ADP Store recommends the following:

  1. Attention to Details

Most people consider shop-fitting as an art and a science. To become one, you need to have a keen eye for detail. Keep in mind that, as a shop fitter, you are responsible for the planning of the design as well as its execution.

  1. Numerical and Logical Skills

Being a shopfitter means taking many measurements. You also need to have an understanding of buyer behavior so that you can make the needed tweaks in store design.

  1. Physical Fitness

Most shopfitters have to work alongside carpenters and other workers. Ergo, physical fitness is a good trait to have, so that you can easily lug around fixtures and other structure pieces during your work.

  1. Drawing Skills

To present your design to the store owner, know how to draw professionally. It does not have to be artistic or creative, but your drawing needs accuracy and a scale to size. Otherwise, you may end up with having to do costly repairs to fit the actual measurements of the store.

A shopfitter is a rewarding profession with opportunities for career growth; experienced shopfitters can also find their later calling as draughtsmen or staff in architectural firms. Still, the best trait of a shopfitter is a good listening skill, when they translate what the client wants to the actual work.


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