Colour Your Walls, Make Them Dull No More

Colour Your Walls, Make Them Dull No More

White walls are safe, but they can be boring and get old fast. It’s time to break free and turn your home into a colourful haven with the help of professional Perth painters. Global Decorating recommends these refreshing colours that will fit any style of home.

Manchester Tan

This neutral tone is almost similar to off-white. It’s not boring like beige, but not as safe or cold as grey. Your wall painting in your Perth home will stand out more if you apply this in the kitchen.


Cloisonne Blue

Blue is a colour that pops out of walls and please occupants. This shade of blue is soft with slight hints of grey which makes it sophisticated. This can look good in small spaces like bedrooms and hallways.

Sea Salt

This colour looks like sage green with a hint of white. It comes across as soothing because of its neutral undertones but still stands out as its own colour. Try this in bedrooms, home offices, and dining rooms.

Tea Chest

Tea chest is a deep chocolate brown colour that is quite uncommon in the paint world. This colour gorgeously sets off textures and is far from being bland. Living rooms will look good with this colour of walls.

If you think it’s time for a change, then don’t be afraid to try new wall paint colours. That little change to your rooms will freshen them up and give you a new feeling.