Beyond the Myth: The Truth Behind SEO Processes

Beyond the Myth: The Truth Behind SEO Processes

SEOCreating in-depth content and discussing trending topics are not the only factors that go into making a website click. To succeed at SEO, it is important to weed out the myths and understand what really works and how to go about making a good website. The reality in SEO is that search engine traffic offers better conversions than social media traffic; there is a 9% difference.

SEO myths are blockers in helping people achieve their rankings on the site. It is important to know what to believe and what to question:

SEO’s claiming affiliation with Google

If someone calls you and says they are from Google or affiliated to Google, you aren’t talking to an authentic source. Google doesn’t do door to door. This is a fact, and one that can save you lots of money if you know this truth.

Keyword targeting is irrelevant

Hummingbird changed the future of SEO as we know it. The people of say keyword search still brings up results on the first few pages. It is a myth that keyword targeting is irrelevant; this plays a big part in SEO.

XML sitemaps boost page rankings

With Google XML sitemap generator on your blog, you aren’t going to jump ahead. It is not among the top ranking factors of 2015, so don’t go by this myth. A sitemap is useful for crawlability. While it doesn’t help you rank better, it does lead to your pages being indexed by search engines faster.

Meta tags don’t matter

Meta tags are the source for webmasters to provide information to search engines about websites. They have mattered and will continue to do so. These show snippets about webpages when a search is done, making them important in search engine optimization.

As long as you know which is true and which is not, you can better strategize and create a campaign that will promote your business. This is the foundation of good SEO.