PPC Isn’t Dead, So Include It in Your Marketing Campaigns

PPC Isn’t Dead, So Include It in Your Marketing Campaigns

PPCIn a 2014 article infographic post from blogsite MineWhat, it revealed that 81 percent of consumers use the web to research about products and services before they make a decision. 60 percent use search engines to look up what they need, while another 61 read reviews and testimonials from unbiased forums and review communities.

Form these numbers alone, e-commerce business owners should already use tried and tested digital advertising methods, such as PPC services. Some say pay-per-click is dying, but recent studies show that it plays many different roles in making an advertising campaign successful.

PPC lets you reach not only your target audience but a global market as well.

PPC ads, as long as they boast all the necessary components (including uniqueness and being straightforward and attention-grabbing), consumers will feel compelled to check them out. Clicking on it will then redirect them to your website, which will then drive more traffic to it.

Just make sure that your website is just as interesting and contains useful, relevant information so that people will want to look at it more.

It allows you to establish your identity and credibility.

The activeness of a website is one of the major factors search engines use to rank sites on search engine results pages (SERPs). Activeness has a lot to do with traffic to your site. When you use well-designed PPC ads as one way to advertise, you raise your chances of obtaining this increase in traffic. From this point on, not only will your website feature the “activeness” quality search engines require, but also establish an online identity and strengthen your credibility.

As you can see, PPC is still alive and just as important to any online marketing and advertising campaign, so do not dismiss it and consider investing in such services.