What Should Your SEO Package Include?

What Should Your SEO Package Include?

SEO Services in SydneyHaving your website optimised for search engines is crucial if you’re looking to stand out from the competition. However, a lot of businesses pay for SEO services that either don’t get the results or offer services you don’t even need. Your company can perform some of these tasks themselves at a smaller fee.

Choosing a custom SEO package is advisable compared to going for a predesigned package. SEO experts in Sydney such as Mashmedia.com.au will normally carry out an audit to determine how your site is doing from an SEO perspective. Here’s what your package should include:

Link building

Considered to be an off-page optimisation technique, link building is important as it boosts your search engine ranking. When Google sees a backlink from a quality website, it uses this to validate your site and rates your website positively. A standard SEO package should include writing guest blogs, analysis of your current link profile, analysis of a competitor’s link profiles, social networking, submission of your site to quality directories and syndicating articles.

Keyword optimisation

This is an integral component of your overall SEO campaign and it’s one of the most valuable components of a package. Different packages have different keyword numbers. Experts use a variety of methods to find out what keywords will best drive traffic to your site. Some of the methods used are Google analytics, and surveying customers, suppliers and clients. You may also get an analysis of competitor’s keywords and the language used on various social media platforms.

Technical audit

This involves analysis of your current site architecture and the content management system used in a campaign. An expert will analyse both on- and off-page elements to ensure that there are no obstructions to your online success.

Working with a company that offers social media marketing, web design as well as Google Place pages optimisation is economical. But before hiring any firm, know the package you need.