Are missing teeth causing problems?

Woman having dental check up due to her missing teethPeople who have lost one or more teeth may be familiar with issues such as having to restrict their diet, difficulty in speaking and concerns over their appearance. Missing teeth can have a significant impact on the way that people look. They obviously affect the beauty of a smile, but can also cause the face to sag due to insufficient support from inside of the mouth. People who find themselves constantly thinking about how they look, whether they can eat certain foods or how they sound when they are talking can find that their quality of life is seriously diminished. For hundreds of patients in a similar situation in Richmond, dental implants have literally been life changing.

How do dental implants work?

Implants are small titanium screws that are fitted into the jaw during a minor surgical procedure to replace natural tooth roots. During the healing process, the bones and blood vessels mesh around them to hold them safely in place. When they are stable, they can be used as a secure base for a single replacement tooth, several teeth or a whole set of dentures. Practices such as Sheen Dental Implants recommend dental implants in Richmond as an effective long-term solution as they provide a permanent restoration for people who are missing teeth.

What are the advantages?

The most immediate benefit is a beautiful new smile. The replacement teeth are carefully made to match the tone and shape of existing teeth, so that the end result will be improved but very natural. Patients who have dental implants in Richmond enjoy being able to bite and chew as normal, which also means that they can eat their favourite foods again. This improves their nutrition and has a positive impact on their overall health. Not having to worry about dentures coming out, being loose or needing to be cleaned means that people who have dental implants in Richmond can just get on with enjoying their life. Dental implants will also strengthen the jaw as they stimulate the bone in the same way as natural tooth roots. This prevents the shrinkage that can occur in the jaws of people who wear dentures. With the correct care, dental implants can last for decades.