Dental Procedures to Improve Your Smile and Life

Dental Procedures to Improve Your Smile and Life

Young Girl with Great SmileAdvancements in dentistry have now made it possible to correct some dental issues. Whether you’re dealing with crooked teeth, a yellow smile, or a missing tooth, there is a treatment for you. All procedures aim to beautify your smile, boost your self-confidence, and improve your quality of life.

Dull and Discolored Teeth

Teeth-whitening products are widely available today, but nothing beats the results of a dentist-supervised procedure. In-office bleaching that uses later instantly brightens your smile, while custom-made trays allow you whiten teeth at home. Be sure to consult a dentist before starting any treatment to know the best procedure for you.

Poorly Shaped or Broken Teeth

If you are unhappy with the shape of your teeth, crowns are an excellent choice. They improve the appearance of your smile and can be used restore a broken tooth or protect a weak one. Veneers can also be bonded to the surface of the teeth to change their shape, size, color, or length. Tooth bonding is also available to fix a chipped or a discolored tooth.

Gapped or Misaligned Smile

Orthodontists in West Jordan note that braces work best in kids and teens, but this doesn’t mean that adults cannot wear them. There are also different types of braces to choose from, ideal if you don’t want metal wires and brackets. Ceramic braces are one good option, but you can also choose Invisalign. These are made of removable plastic aligners that are virtually invisible.

Missing or Lost Teeth

Dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth. They look and function like regular teeth with a sturdy foundation, which is usually made of titanium. Implants can also replace multiple missing teeth, as well as hold restorations like bridges or crowns. The best part is, they infuse with the jawbone, preventing bone loss and premature aging.

Don’t settle for a less than perfect smile. Whatever dental problem you’re dealing with, your dentist is sure to have the right treatment that can restore your smile.