5 Creative, Interesting, and Unique Ways to Reach Out to Customers

5 Creative, Interesting, and Unique Ways to Reach Out to Customers

Companies are struggling to keep their customers engaged and interested. Loyalty is key to any business, but it has been hard lately to keep the clients interested. Now and then, there’s a new business that pops up. It becomes trendy for a while, and then slowly, but almost surely, things get out of hand, and the business will close. The common reason is the business lost touch with who and what it is all about. When that happens, customers become disengaged, and it is no longer beneficial to stay loyal to your business.

So, how can you keep customers entertained and engaged? How will you compete with the slew of content splashed across social media and various other websites? The trick, of course, is to find out who your audience is because if you don’t, then what is the point of all your efforts. Once you know who you are targeting, it becomes easy to customize these five creative and interesting engagement ideas:

Create a Community

The most popular way to keep customers engaged is to create a community. A common platform being used by businesses is Facebook Groups, but it’s hard to keep track of all that is happening in a page group because Facebook isn’t designed for that. Look into a fully branded community platform service that you can customize with widgets and tools. This way, you will only choose and pay for the features that you can maximize.

You can do two things in the platform: moderate content posted by others or not allow them to post at all. If you want true engagement with your customers, it’s important to let them post content on the page, too. That’s provided that you can moderate and approve such posts. You can share content, comment on news articles, talk with like-minded people, and live-stream events through the community platform.

Tell Customers They’re Close

It is not enough for you to pin your store’s address on Google Maps. The clients and customers need to find you easily. There shouldn’t be ambiguity about how to go to your store, warehouse, or office. Design an app with an integrated map that will notify the users when they are nearby your store. This means the app will not only tell you how to get to the store, but it will tell you when you’re in the vicinity of the business (even if you are not looking for it).

Send Regular Notifications

a customer receiving a notification about an email

Of course, you shouldn’t be annoying, too. Don’t send a notification every hour or even every day. At best, send notifications around three to four times every week. That’s enough to remind clients that you exist, but not too frequently that customers will be annoyed at you. Most of the time, people—honest-to-goodness—forget about your business because it didn’t make an impact on them.

Sending notifications for reengagement isn’t going to cut it if the content doesn’t appeal to customers. If you are going to reach out to customers, you need to wow them with the information you are imparting. Otherwise, what will stop them from simply ignoring your online invite?

Personalize Offers

All people want to feel special. No matter what strategies you try to present, what customers ultimately want are discounts and bonuses. It is all the more special when such discounts and bonuses are personalized for them. They will like you have taken the time to craft something special for them. A custom app will make this an easy strategy because it can collect data from existing customers. You can analyze the data—the customers’ favorite items, past purchases, etc.—to develop a discount program they’ll love.

Offer Loyalty Points and Bonuses

Aside from discounts, customers are more engaged in a business if they can collect loyalty points and bonuses that they can use for future purchases. Learn to integrate the rewards program into the app, so all the customers need to carry their phones with them. Make it systematic by removing the hindrances that will prevent customers from racking up points when they shop in your physical or online store.

What matters is you give customers what they want to see and hear. It would be best if you answered their demands for a more engaged community of customers who can share experiences. The more they spend time as a community, the more loyal they will be to your brand. So, above and beyond all the marketing strategies, always spend time reaching out to them.