Job Market: How to Attract the Best Talent in the Market

Job Market: How to Attract the Best Talent in the Market

Despite a recent increase in coronavirus cases, businesses have opened across the country. Due to this, companies have started to look for people who can fill numerous open positions. Even as the unemployment rate has declined since its rise when the pandemic started, finding good talent in the market is a challenge that human resource practitioners should deal with these days.

Looking for the best talent is a process that requires the HR department to practice precision. They should know how to make suitable choices to get the best candidate for the company’s available positions. While HR tools, such as ServiceNow, can help process candidates, the first thing they need to do is find the candidates.

To do this, they should understand who makes up the majority of the talents in the workforce. The current workforce consists of millennials. HR practitioners can adapt their recruitment strategies with tech-savvy millennials in mind. The strategies should make the company appealing to the candidates and make them want to become a part of the company.

Use Mobile Platforms

Being digital natives, millennials tend to use technology in a lot of their daily activities. Most millennials even use their mobile devices when they are looking for jobs. To connect with them, companies should use mobile platforms that allow millennials to access the list of vacancies in the company. It should also allow them to fill job application forms and upload their resume if they are interested in any of the company’s positions.

These mobile platforms allow applicants to easily connect with recruiters and set up an interview for any of the company’s jobs. Additionally, it also appeals to millennials since it shows that the company is updated with technology’s latest developments. It also gives them an edge over their competitors in the market.

Recruit Through Social Media

Around 72 percent of American adults use social media as of February 2019. This is a huge increase from 2005 when only five percent of American adults were social media users. While most of these users have Facebook accounts, companies should look for other social media platforms to find their target candidates.

LinkedIn is a business-related social media platform where around one-fourth of the users are millennials. Advertising through LinkedIn allows companies to connect with the applicants they are looking for to fill in their vacancies.

To increase the chances of attracting the right candidates, companies should build a good reputation on social media platforms. It should polish its account and provide all the necessary information on these platforms, particularly on LinkedIn. They should also be active in promoting the company. But it should be responsible while promoting the company so it will not end up being intrusive.

Practice Flexibility


Many employees prefer companies that do not affect their personal lives. While the company aims to earn a profit, it should also consider the needs of its employees. The company needs to provide a suitable work-life balance for its employees so that it can attract the talents it needs to fill in its vacant positions.

To ensure the employees have the necessary work-life balance, the company should not interfere with the employees’ leisure time after work. It can also give them the option of remote work or weeks off. Weekly events are also good in beating stress at work. But the current pandemic means it may have to be a virtual event to ensure their safety. Being flexible increases the appeal of the company to people who are on the lookout for a job.

Offer Extra Benefits

Aside from flexibility, offering additional benefits can lure the talents a company needs. These benefits should be enough to attract the talent the company is looking for. It can come in the form of paid time off, retirement benefits, disability insurance, relocation assistance, and telecommuting options.

The company can also offer health insurance, which is important these days due to the pandemic. Additionally, offering workplace benefits, such as food, coffee, and recreational activities, is a good way to entice potential employees to join the company.

The company should make sure to include these benefits in the ads they published when they are looking for candidates. This allows the company to catch the attention of the people they are looking for. Aside from attracting top talent, these benefits can also increase the productivity of the employees.

Finding the best talent in the market to fill vacant positions can be challenging. So the HR department of the company should be creative and sell the brand to potential candidates for the jobs the company is offering.