Business 101: Running a Successful Computer Service Business

Business 101: Running a Successful Computer Service Business

The computer service industry is one of the fast-growing industries in the world. This specific industry is valued at $18 billion and is expected to grow as much as 2% every year. As more people purchase laptops, desktops, and other computer-based technology, computer services are needed to maintain and repair these products. However, running a computer service business isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your experience or degree isn’t enough to get you through running this particular business. Here are some essential things you should know when running a computer service business.

Marketing and Advertisement

Just like any other business in today’s modern age, you’re going to have to market and advertise your computer service business. Although the computer service industry isn’t one of the world’s biggest industries, the competition is still challenging.

To start, you should advertise and market your business locally. Most of the time, customers at an arm’s reach will be the most loyal to you. Considering that everyone nowadays uses some computer device, it’s easy for these customers to flock into your shop. Once you have built your consumer-base, then you should start advertising online.

Online advertising is one of the most efficient ways to let the world know about your business. Moreover, since your part of the computer industry, everyone who needs your help is most likely going to be on the internet. You can run a blog that teaches people how to repair minor problems with your computer. You can also try vlogging experiences you might have running your shop. There are many ways you can establish yourself on the internet. And you must set your brand on the internet because one way you can outmaneuver the competition is by providing online services.

Online Services

employees in the office

The pandemic has hit many small businesses hard. If you want to run your computer service business during this pandemic, then we suggest that you start providing online services to consumers.

Online services are an excellent way for your business to grow, even after the pandemic. Not many companies offer online services, and you can be one of the few businesses that provide them in the market. You can do this by utilising remote access software to serve different laptops and computers no matter where you are. If you have the manpower for it, you can even offer services twenty-four hours a day. This can help you reach clients who might not be in your state or be in another country.

Furthermore, online services are your best bet to survive this pandemic. Not many people go out nowadays to get their devices serviced, so most of them are looking for online alternatives, so there is a considerable chance that you can grab these consumers from the competitors in the market.

Know Legacy Systems

As a computer service business, you’re going to need all kinds of systems running on people’s computers. This means knowing even the oldest methods that ever existed.

You’d be surprised with how many people still use old computer systems. People nowadays use old laptops and computers from a bygone time. Among these devices, personal digital assistants who repair should be one of your main priorities, as many professions still use this particular technology, such as doctors and lawyers. If you want to serve these professionals, you’re going to need to know how PDAs work. Additionally, if you want your business to work with the government, you’ll need to know a wide array of legacy systems.

Once you and your employees know how to handle legacy systems, you’ll gain access to more clients. Moreover, these clients will be loyal to your business because many computer service businesses know these legacy systems.

Explore Other Services

You should diversify the services you offer in your business. Concentrating on one specific service is going to spell doom for your business. Other services you should look into are security, installations, and maintenance. These services are helpful everywhere, and depending on where you have established yourself, other businesses might even ask to partner with you. For instance, a company that sells smart devices might ask you to do some installations for them.

This diversification is useful if you want to establish your business as a strong competitor in the industry. And much like what we have stated earlier, this can give you access to more clients that you might not otherwise have if you only concentrate on one particular service.


Once you’ve established yourself as a computer service business, you can think about franchising. Franchising is the best way to run your business, especially when it has reached the five-to-ten-year mark. Ultimately, you should consider diversifying into other parts of the computer industry, such as merchandising or manufacturing.

Now that you know these things, it’s time for you to start your computer service business. Remember that you will struggle at first, but once you have established yourself, customers will be flocking into your store, and your business will grow.