Creative Draw: Thoughtful Office Design to Improve Your Team’s Work

Creative Draw: Thoughtful Office Design to Improve Your Team’s Work

For some years now Utah has quietly been among the top states for business. As the price of leasing has risen in places like Salt Lake City, development has spread to the city of Lehi. Its proximity to Utah’s talent-producing centers and universities makes it an appealing destination for creatives and tech professionals.

If you’re looking to start a creative tech business in what locals have started calling ‘Silicon Slopes’, finding the right office space is probably among your top concerns. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that what’s in the office is at least as important as the location.

The office represents your work

Creatively designed offices embody what you do. The talent pool of the tech industry, in Utah and across the nation, is increasingly drawn from the youngest generation – and millennials love nothing more than expressing their identity. Talking about passion and creativity at work only goes so far if the office space is a dull, drab bunch of cubicles.

Putting a lot of thought and effort into a creative design for your office shows that you care about creativity, and are willing to lead the way. And good leadership always inspires. You’ll be improving morale and effort, encouraging original thinking, and generating success.

Small touches

Your choice of furniture can set the tone for the rest of the office. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but neither should it look like it came from a generic catalog. You can mix it up and have each chair be unique – one stylish, one minimalist, one comfortable, and so on. Let your employees have fun arguing over who gets to sit where.

Don’t forget to bring in a touch of nature. Indoor plants and flowers not only make the mood fresh and uplifting – they can give everyone a little bit more meaning if they are involved in caring for something that’s living and growing.

Creative space

Modern officeA lot of people get to work remotely nowadays. You can give your office workers a measure of comfort by setting aside part of the office to be like a creative lounge. Use a cozy sofa as a divider, throw in a bean bag and cushions, and put some art pieces on a coffee table to inspire and serve as a talking point. Sometimes, people need to relax and talk to ferment ideas and bring more creativity to their work.

Walls and floor

Your walls can influence the mood with their color, so choose as though you were picking a great palette to represent your company. Speaking of which, you can invest in showpiece signage featuring your company’s mission, logo, or philosophy, and mount it on the wall as something to inspire those who come in.

Don’t overlook the floor. Instead of a uniform carpet everywhere, bring in vintage, distressed, or upcycled rugs and lay them down like a patchwork. Make sure you clean them first, though, to minimize allergies. The unique look of the floor is going to add personality in different places.

So there you go – choose your furniture well, and add a touch of green. Set aside a creative and comfortable space. Add color and bold décor to your walls. Use refurbished rugs after taking them to the carpet cleaners. In Lehi, many offices will be opening up to attract the region’s talent – make sure yours stands out creatively.