Increase Motorists’ Safety Through Business: Tech and Products to Sell

Increase Motorists’ Safety Through Business: Tech and Products to Sell

Vehicular accidents are too common. In the Philippines, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) reported a total of 116,906 incidents as of 2018. This number rose the year after, jumping to 121,771, which translates to 334 accidents daily, with one being fatal.

The numbers are significantly lower in Vietnam, with only 18,490 accidents reported last year. Still, those resulted in 8,079 deaths, which shouldn’t be downplayed.

Meanwhile, on a global scale, road traffic deaths have reached 1.35 million per year, as per the World Health Organization. Vehicular accidents are seen to become the third leading contributor to the global burden of disease and injury this year.

Reading all these data makes driving a little intimidating, indeed. But you can take away the people’s fears on the road by starting the right business.

Below are the products and technologies you can sell to enhance motorists’ safety:

1. Road Marking Paint

If you’re an experienced driver, you’d know what road markings are for and why they are crucial. They must be highly retro-reflective. At nighttime, their retro-reflectivity must be at least 100 mcd/m2/lx (for white markings), and 70 mcd/m2/lx (for yellow markings).

You can find high-quality reflective thermoplastic road marking paint from a reputable source. This specific type of road marking is made up of glass beads, binder (resin), pigment, and filler material. It is quick-drying and can be applied in three ways: spraying, extruding, or screed.

2. Automated Emergency Braking

This high-tech device prevents rear-end collisions, the most common type of road accident. The automated emergency braking engages an auto’s brakes should the driver fail to see the inevitable coming. Newer and more advanced models can even steer the automobile away from an obstacle without changing lanes.

By September 2022, the automated emergency braking will be a new standard feature on new passenger vehicles, so take your chance to become a manufacturer of one now.

3. Lane Departure Warnings and Assist


Like the automated emergency braking, the lane departure warnings assist can also steer your vehicle away from danger. It detects if you’ve swerved too far and will veer you back in your right place.

4. Rear Cameras

Most new automobiles already come with this feature. It gives the driver a view of what’s behind them, giving them a chance to avoid accidents while parking.

If you want to make a stronger selling point to a rear camera, equip it with an alert system so it can aid inexperienced drivers more thoroughly during parking.

5. Electronic Stability Control

In Canada, this device is already mandatory. It automatically engages the brakes or reduces the engine power when a car slides out of control, preventing possible fatal accidents.

6. Blind Spot Warning

Side mirrors don’t allow us to see blind spots. While a blind spot mirror can help, a high-tech version of it with radar can ensure a driver’s safety better. The blind-spot warning will light up your mirrors to alert you of an obstacle in your blind spot, or vibrate your steering wheel to protect you from a collision when you’re changing lanes.

7. Artificial Intelligence

In Thailand, the AI for Road Safety project uses AI technology to carry out real-time video and big data analytics to monitor drivers’ behaviors, whether they are dozing off, using their phones, etc. In New Zealand, AI is also used to scan the driver’s eyes and see if they’re too tired or distracted. The steering wheel will vibrate once it detects those red flags.

These innovative tech and products are truly changing the game of safe driving, saving as many lives as possible. Be a part of the change by partaking in this industry; you’ll surely meet success with the benefits you’d offer.