Promote Health Initiatives for a More Efficient Workforce

Promote Health Initiatives for a More Efficient Workforce

a strong workforceA healthier workforce is generally happier and more efficient. They have more energy and find it easier to focus on their tasks. Promoting health initiatives within your company is not just about wellness — it has the potential to increase productivity and profits as well.

A healthy workforce is an investment. This is why many companies pour resources into health management services. Some companies, like Proview Global, even offer services specifically geared towards promoting health incentive programs in a corporate setting.

Here are some of the reasons to promote health in the workplace:

Less Absenteeism

Did you know that collectively, U.S. companies are losing $576 billion annually to employees who call in sick? Poor health has a negative impact on your company, and by extension, the economy. Absenteeism results in lost productivity and can make it difficult to keep up with company deadlines.

Even if employees decide to report to work while they are sick, they may still not perform efficiently, as their illness will prevent them from functioning at 100%.

By promoting health initiatives at the workplace, you can encourage employees to be healthier and, hopefully, get sick less.

Improved Productivity

Healthier employees have more energy and find it easier to focus. It is important to focus on all aspects of health — including cardiovascular health and lung health. Some chronic diseases are preventable, such as diabetes and certain types of cancer. It is always important to encourage your workforce to eat healthier and to quit smoking. It is much easier to focus on work if there is nothing ailing you.

Improved Morale and Company Image

Another benefit of promoting health initiatives at work is that it greatly improves company morale. Your employees will feel that you care for their well-being. Offering health benefits can also minimize worker attrition and improve your company’s overall image.

Invest in your workforce’s health — it is an investment in your company as well.