Spring Has Sprung: Celebrating Salt Lake City On Its Best Season

Spring Has Sprung: Celebrating Salt Lake City On Its Best Season

There are markers which tell us that a new season has come: the length of night and day; the life cycle of plants; the temperature of the air. All of which is the world’s making, as every season is.

If we were to choose a season that matches Salt Lake City the most, it would have to be spring. During spring, the birds are back at welcoming the morning with their melodies, leaves begin to bud as flowers begin to bloom, and the day is longer than the night. For locals, however, it also means that the outdoor areas of restaurants are brimming with people, the bike lanes are busy, and the tree service in Salt Lake City is on the rise.

True, every season has its charm, but there is something about breathing in Salt Lake’s crisp mountain air while feasting your eyes on a multitude of tulips, with lush trees in the background.

Here is a list of why locals and tourists think so too:


1. You can bond with your dog.

When spring is out, so are the dogs. Spring is the perfect time to take your dog for a walk at Liberty Park because the temperature is just right. Better yet, take your dog on a hike if you are both the adventurous type. You and your fur baby can savor the spring weather together by hiking at Ensign Peak. The trail is pet-friendly. In fact, Ensign Peak welcomes them as much as they welcome humans, maybe even more.

2. You can score some good finds.

Spring is a prelude to spring cleaning, and spring cleaning is a prelude to a yard sale. Yard sale, indeed, as Salt Lakers love buying and selling from the thrift stores popping up during the season. You can score gems for a dollar or two. Plus, it’s sustainable.

It’s also the time when shopping destinations such as Trolley Square and City Creek Center hold their spring sale. You can buy gear, clothing, accessories at their lowest price.


3. You can bike around.

Explore the city via bike. It’s efficient, cheap, and environmentally friendly. You have the freedom to choose where to go and how long you’re going to stay.

If you don’t have a bike with you, the city has public green bicycles that you can rent per day.

4. You can watch concerts and films outdoors.

There is no better way to welcome spring than to savor it.

Red Butte Garden holds concerts with a lineup of incredible musicians. The venue retains a level of intimacy, regardless of the number of attendees, because the venue is within nature itself. Imagine listening to live music, the grass kissing your feet, the mountain looming in the background, and the skies changing hues throughout the day. It’s a must-do experience.

Going to Redwood Drive-In Movie is more of summer activity. However, save yourself from the hassle because it gets too packed with people and too hot during the summer. Spring is the best time to enjoy a film or two.

Spring is often tagged as the season of beginnings. If you’re a traveler, start packing your bags and visit the city. If you’re a local, start tending to your garden and see what spring can do. Come soak up the season.