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Buying a Car: 3 Proven Ways to Get the Best One

ShowroomBuying a car comes with some mixed emotions. First, you are excited at the idea of owning a vehicle; especially if it’s your first one. But you are a bit worried because you do not know what lies ahead.

However, you need not worry if you are well versed in the factors you need to consider before buying a car.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Can you afford it?

You need to be realistic on this one. Review your finances and determine how much you can spend on your purchase without breaking the bank. It is also the perfect time to assess the cost of ownership of your new car. It is worth noting that the cost of ownership is likely to be higher than the buying price.

This is where factors such as fuel, repair, maintenance, insurance and depreciation come into play. Having this information in advance will help you when arranging for the financing.

  1. Do your research

It will be a grave mistake to buy a car without first doing some thorough research. Thanks to the Internet, you can now access a myriad of manufacturer’s websites. Here, you can read reviews about the brand you desire. In addition, this is the best time to research on the pricing options for different cars for sale in Auckland, Wellington or anywhere else.

Do not forget to check on their reputation and reliability. Research is imperative regardless of whether you are buying a new or used vehicle.

  1. Your needs and wants

You need to distinguish these two factors to get your ideal vehicle. When it comes to your needs, consider the intended use for your new car. For example, if you need a family car, buy one that is spacious and safe. Ensure that the vehicle you choose meets your primary requirements.

Once you are sure your need is catered for, you may consider what you want in a car. The factors that may affect your decision include colour, style, reliability and fuel economy, among many others.

Buying a car is a serious undertaking and there is no room for any mistake. But with the guidance of the above factors, you will have your ideal car in no time.

A Better Driver: Increasing Your Car Knowledge & Improving Your Motoring Experience

a man drivingCar owners fall into two loose categories — drivers and car enthusiasts — which count towards their driving experiences. Drivers don’t care that much about the inner workings of their car if they see that it’s up and running. As an enthusiast, however, they boast of having knowledge about your car’s parts.

In the latter category, it’s easier to tell when your engine is in need of attention and basic maintenance. Contrary to popular opinion, increasing your car knowledge and skills is not an uphill task. Here’s how you can do it:

Study your owner’s manual

Each car comes with a detailed user manual that explains the best practices in keeping it in great shape. Reputable mechanics in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah, however, noted that many drivers tend to overlook the information found in it. Granted, the manual is not the most interesting read, but it can help keep your car in excellent shape.

Start reading general information, such as when to change the oil, switch the tires, and when to schedule a major service. As you become familiar with the general terms, start digging into the more complex knowledge. With time, you will find that you’re stocking up on valuable information.

Join a car forum

Thanks to the Internet, you can access and find the best minds who can teach you more about cars. There are many blogs, forums, social media accounts, and websites dedicated to helping drivers make the best of their cars. Just pick one that suits your needs and you’re on your way to better motoring. Typically, such platforms bring together people owning the same car models, living in the same city, and having many other similarities. With a little digging, you’ll find one you can trust for years.

Your attitude towards your car determines how much pleasure you will derive from it. With a little effort, you can improve your car knowledge, which is the first step to improving your driving experience.

Gauging The Accuracy Of GPS Speed On Cars

GPS SystemWhen talking about GPS, many people think that it’s all about finding where you are in the world. This is true enough. Companies such as CAST Navigation do focus on GPS satellite navigation, among others. The technology has been around for mostly that purpose. Its effectiveness as a location service is proven, but not many people know of GPS’s other uses. Take speedometers, for instance.

GPS-Based Speedometer Basics

Speed measurement is not exactly a new facet of GPS technology. Many GPS-enabled devices such as smartphones already display your speed (most especially when using applications like Waze). These devices measure speed by determining how far an object travels within a given amount of time. Differences abound, however, when using GPS devices in comparison with traditional speedometers.

The accuracy of a GPS-based speedometer relies on its positional technique. What this means is that the speedometer calculates an object’s speed on how far it’s moved since the previous measurement. Short interval updates are important to keep the reading as accurate as possible. Computer algorithms also do their job at improving the measurement’s precision.

The Difference

An average of 6 to 7 percent difference can be observed between GPS and a traditional speedometer. But according to Professor Richard Langley of the University of New Brunswick, GPS is far more accurate. Prof. Langley cites certain factors, however, which may adversely affect the GPS signal. For instance, accuracy is at its best outside of tunnels and subways. To provide measurements, all a GPS device can provide are extrapolated or interpolated readings.

Traditional speedometers are quite unreliable as a lot of factors can affect it. Unlike GPS which loses accuracy when there’s no clear sky, conventional speedometers can be affected by things such as wheel size and even tire wear. These issues make constant calibration a must. Many car manufacturers recommend that drivers count 0.1 to 0.5 MPH tolerances when determining speed readings.

Which speedometer should be used, then? Whatever happens, a constantly calibrated speedometer will do if there are obstructions to GPS signals. The most important thing is that speed limit regulations are followed to avoid automobile accidents.

3 Ways to be Safe and Protected on the Road

Driving SafelyAs a car owner, you should make it a point to check all car parts regularly, especially those for safety. The road is a pretty common spot for accidents. You should make a conscious effort to avoid them by following safety precautions and being a careful driver. Here are some ways to keep you and your passengers safe at all times.

Put on Your Seatbelt

Putting on the seatbelt is one of the most basic things you can do to assure that you’re safe on the road. You should never leave and drive if you don’t have your seatbelt on. Same goes to the passenger in the front seat of the car. This is essential to keep you from being thrown around if and when a collision happens. There have been so many injuries that could’ve been prevented and lives saved if only people have put their seatbelts on.

Check the Airbags

The airbag is another way to protect those who are at the front side of the car. It’s important to check if it’s working properly every now and then. If not, then you must get your airbag repaired as soon as possible and before you hit the road again. Airbags prevent you from hitting your windshield, steering wheel, side door and dashboard if ever you encounter a sudden impact.

Get a Full Car Service

Going to your trusted auto mechanic every now and then to get your car inspected for safety is important to prevent any possible damages, repairs and accidents. This will help you spot possible problems when they are still small so you can avoid bigger troubles in the future. If a car part has any damage, the auto mechanic can do a repair, which is more economical than replacing it when the problem is already too big to fix.

These are just some of the things that can help you be safe on the road. Follow them to have peace of mind whenever you’re driving.

Is it Worth Keeping an Old Car?

Keeping an Old CarMajor possessions that cost thousands of dollars like cars are just hard to let go of. There will come a time, however, when it no longer makes sense to hang on to an old ride, especially if it is becoming a money pit. When major parts are breaking down and oil is leaking all over the driveway, it might be the right time to let go and get rid of the old vehicle.

Think about the safety issues as you make a decision. Mount Wrecking Company says it is best to replace your old car if safety is compromised.

Severe Damages

Those who find it hard to move on, however, will try to squeeze a few more kilometres out of the old one. Severe damages such as blown transmission, bent or twisted frames and a faulty transmission, on the other hand, should make the decision to let go of the car easier. This is because service costs could be more than the car’s worth, and your safety matters more than anything else.

More Repairs and Maintenance

An old car will always be cheaper to own than a new one. The sad truth however, is that older vehicles tend to require major and more expensive repairs. You should know that it is time to replace when the maintenance costs start adding up every month, to the point where it is costing you a lot on repairs and continual maintenance.

Dangers on the Road

Even the best-maintained older cars tend to break down. This is why you need to consider the potential risks of having a problem like a breakdown while you are on the road. Newer models today are equipped with safety standard equipment like electronic stability control and advanced airbags. When your car starts to show age, it is probably time to look for a replacement.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to get rid of an old vehicle. You can trade or sell them, and let a wrecking team tear it apart for usable spare parts. Other than getting top dollar, you will also do something good for the environment, as you they will recycle car parts and components.

The 1% Way: Affordable Ways to Customize Cars Like the Super Rich

carModding cars are all about improved performance and mobile luxury. Whether that luxury is the traditional shiny bling or something less sparkly, its main aim is to provide max comfort. As such, no one does this so well as the super-rich. They have all the money to make their cars just as how they like it. From the hyper-extravagant Rolls Royce to the ultra-functional Range Rover, there will always be room for more if you have more to pay.

It’s possible that you’re not among the 1%, but have allocated a sizeable budget to trick out your car. All you have to do is splash the funds wisely to get the best affordable luxury out there. But, aren’t you curious how they do it?

Bespoke Car, Original Manufacturer

Today, luxury car companies such as Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz are offering customization services. This way, they appease to affluent customers in making their hundred-thousand-dollar purchases unique. Literally, they consult with their clients to ensure that the personalization is in line with their image.

Nevertheless, aftermarket seller All Star Tire says that big car companies can only personalize to an extent. The cost and production process hinder them, and especially the engineering implications. As original manufacturers, they can’t compromise the car’s authentic design. For this reason, they are only able to modify a number of a car’s aspects.

Focusing on Power and Beauty

To best use your time and money, put your effort in improving performance and aesthetics. These two are the core pillars of car customization. In the end, you’ll be using your resources wisely if you can feel and see the improvements.

PowerIf your car has enough horses under the hood, put your attention to the brakes. More power in this department can only do you good. Don’t waste your time looking at cut-price brake systems and go for Brembo. Nothing will match your luxurious taste better than the phenomenal stopping power of these brakes.

Beauty – When it comes to catching attention, your wheels and grilles are your baits. There are enough of these two in the market to give you a selection headache. Pair it with your car’s color and look to create the aura you want.

Don’t aim to turn heads but satisfy your taste. You’re the one who should be happy, so get the aftermarket parts that you like. In this aspect, you have the chance to match the affluence the 1% bestows on their vehicles.