The 1% Way: Affordable Ways to Customize Cars Like the Super Rich

The 1% Way: Affordable Ways to Customize Cars Like the Super Rich

carModding cars are all about improved performance and mobile luxury. Whether that luxury is the traditional shiny bling or something less sparkly, its main aim is to provide max comfort. As such, no one does this so well as the super-rich. They have all the money to make their cars just as how they like it. From the hyper-extravagant Rolls Royce to the ultra-functional Range Rover, there will always be room for more if you have more to pay.

It’s possible that you’re not among the 1%, but have allocated a sizeable budget to trick out your car. All you have to do is splash the funds wisely to get the best affordable luxury out there. But, aren’t you curious how they do it?

Bespoke Car, Original Manufacturer

Today, luxury car companies such as Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz are offering customization services. This way, they appease to affluent customers in making their hundred-thousand-dollar purchases unique. Literally, they consult with their clients to ensure that the personalization is in line with their image.

Nevertheless, aftermarket seller All Star Tire says that big car companies can only personalize to an extent. The cost and production process hinder them, and especially the engineering implications. As original manufacturers, they can’t compromise the car’s authentic design. For this reason, they are only able to modify a number of a car’s aspects.

Focusing on Power and Beauty

To best use your time and money, put your effort in improving performance and aesthetics. These two are the core pillars of car customization. In the end, you’ll be using your resources wisely if you can feel and see the improvements.

PowerIf your car has enough horses under the hood, put your attention to the brakes. More power in this department can only do you good. Don’t waste your time looking at cut-price brake systems and go for Brembo. Nothing will match your luxurious taste better than the phenomenal stopping power of these brakes.

Beauty – When it comes to catching attention, your wheels and grilles are your baits. There are enough of these two in the market to give you a selection headache. Pair it with your car’s color and look to create the aura you want.

Don’t aim to turn heads but satisfy your taste. You’re the one who should be happy, so get the aftermarket parts that you like. In this aspect, you have the chance to match the affluence the 1% bestows on their vehicles.