Drive Away Laughing: How to Get the Best Rates to Hire Cars in Perth

Drive Away Laughing: How to Get the Best Rates to Hire Cars in Perth

DrivingSome people say that leasing a car is more practical than buying one. This may be true in some cases in Perth, especially for long-term use. However, it will depend on how you go about finding the best deals for long-term leases. On the other hand, you may only need to hire cars for a short period, such as for trouble.

While these are different situations, some things still apply in either case. Aries Car Rental has some tips into what you need to look into to get the best rates for hiring a car in Perth.

Hidden Fees

Many people are attracted to car hire companies that offer the lowest rental rates. However, most of these impose other charges on top of the rental fee. According to one study, about 40% of Australians run into trouble in hiring a car because of hidden fees. In many cases, the fees are not really ‘hidden’, if you read the contract carefully. Ask the company about them before signing a lease contract.

Negotiate Rates

To deal with small car hire companies, you can probably negotiate your rate if you book early and for an extended period. Generally, the longer your rental period, the better your rate. Getting a good deal during the holiday or peak seasons is harder, so make sure that you put this in your to-do list and book several weeks in advance.

Do Online Comparisons

The Internet is there; make full use of it! There are third-party apps that search the Internet for the lowest deals available. Narrow your search to three or four companies, and go to their websites to get a quote. You can also try travel sites that may have recommendations.

As in most matters of hiring a service, do not forget to find out about hidden costs! When it comes to actually making a booking, direct is always best.


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