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Lifestyle Factors and Dental Implants

Dentist holding dental implantsIn the short term, dental implants in Edinburgh can have a challenging impact on someone’s lifestyle. This mostly occurs during the healing period. However, the long-term benefits are the trade-off for this such as fixed and functional teeth and a bright, complete smile.

The first step towards getting dental implants in Edinburgh is the consultation appointment. During this interaction, a dentist like Edinburgh Dental Specialists will ask the patient in-depth questions about their health and dental history as well as gathering physical data through examination and scans. They will also talk to the patient about lifestyle factors that can affect the efficacy and function of dental implants.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

It’s no secret that smoking and drinking can have a detrimental effect on someone’s health. While this is always something to bear in mind when it comes to healthcare, they can have a strong impact on the likely success of dental implants in Edinburgh. Both smoking and drinking can impede the healing process that is vital to securing the implants. They certainly prolong the process and, in the end, can lead to dental implant failure. The dentist will always advise that someone gives up smoking and at least moderates their alcohol consumption during treatment and healing.

Fitness and Physical Work

Some rest is required directly after getting dental implants in Edinburgh. The dentist will advise on how quickly someone should consider returning to a full work schedule or fitness regimen. They may advise complete rest and time off work to someone who has a particularly physical job. In the long term, dental implants will not affect someone’s ability to work hard, whether that’s at the gym or at work.

Nutritious Diet

A good diet contributes to overall physical well-being. It’s particularly important during the healing process after dental implants. Someone needs to have good nutritional knowledge coupled with advice from their dentist to ensure that they are eating the right foods during this time. This is because their diet will be temporarily limited by having to take care of their dental implants. They need the right knowledge to ensure they get all they need in terms of nutrients on board within these limitations.

Stained Teeth, What They Mean, and the Dental Procedures to Treat Them

Woman Showing TeethHaving white teeth is a sign of dental health. The white color comes from the calcium in the enamel that protects the sensitive part underneath.

So, why are there other colors of teeth and not just white? Here are what the stains on your teeth mean and the options you have to achieve whiter teeth.

Whitening for Yellow Teeth

Underneath the teeth, the dentins are naturally yellow. When the enamel wears out because of age, the white fades and the yellow becomes more visible. But according to the dental practitioners at Insight Dental, bacteria and acidic food and drinks can hasten the decay.

Some people are born with naturally yellow teeth. According to Live Science, some genetic defect may cause the teeth to develop improperly and turn yellow. If the enamel has become too translucent, the dentin’s color will shine through.

If you are bothered by yellow teeth and feel that your dental practices are not enough, you may opt for a tooth whitening procedure. Your dentist will help you whiten your teeth gradually until you get the desired shade.

Dental Surgery and Invasive Procedures

Blackened teeth can mean two things: an external cause or a sign of a severe health condition. The less severe blackness may be extrinsic staining. Dark food and drinks such as coffee, wine, and chewing or smoking tobacco can turn teeth black. In this case, like stained yellow teeth, having cosmetic dental treatments can improve the color.

However, black teeth may also be a sign of internal damage or decay. It starts from the inside and works its way out until the entire tooth is plagued with decay. It happens slowly, though, and must be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, your dentist may have to remove the tooth entirely. The dentist may have to add implants or provide invasive treatment to protect your dental health, as well.

For the more severe condition, these are just two possible procedures you can explore to improve the color of your teeth. While practicing dental hygiene can help prevent worse discoloration, it is essential to have your teeth checked by your dentist so that you can see all available dental treatment options.

Encouraging Your Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth

kids holding toothbrushes Many parents today are having a hard time educating their kids about the importance of oral hygiene. As difficult as it takes, you need to start encouraging your young ones to take care of their teeth.

The best way to do this is to take them to the nearest pediatric dentist in your Stanford, VA community. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a dentist for your child:

1. Find Out More about Their Specialization

The first thing you need to know is that not all dentists are the same. A pediatric dentist has undergone special training on children’s oral health. The course usually takes two to three years. It covers general dentistry and children’s behavior. That’s why they are well-versed in making your child more comfortable during a dental treatment.

2. Evaluate their Dental Clinic

A personal visit to their office is one way to evaluate their expertise and services. From the layout of their clinic and equipment, you can determine if they specialize in oral care for kids. If possible, take your little ones with you so they can also observe. Allowing your kids to choose their dentist also makes it easier for you to take them to their next appointment.

3. Check and Compare the Rates

The rates may vary depending on the experience and specialization of the pediatric dentist. While it can be tempting to go for cheaper rates, you should not settle for less. Always consider the expertise of your dentist.

4. Read Testimonials

Word of mouth is still the most reliable source of information when choosing a dentist for your child. Start with your own network. Ask your family and friends for referrals. Get their feedback about their experience. You can also read testimonials from other clients.

Your child’s oral health is something you should not take for granted. Keep in mind that oral hygiene is all about discipline and developing good habits.

Help for crooked teeth

Woman having her crooked teeth fixedA beautiful smile can light up a face and give a person confidence to face the world. However, if teeth are crooked, spaced too widely or crowded then it can have a negative impact on the appearance. The best time to realign teeth is during childhood when there is a mixture of baby and permanent teeth, but today, many adults are seeking treatment. For people in Kent, braces used to mean having a mouth full of uncomfortable, unsightly metal for months on end. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Having braces in Kent is now a much quicker, less obtrusive and more gentle process due to a range of new braces.

A discreet solution

Most of us have a busy life and this includes interacting with a variety of people, professionally and socially. Generally, this is a more enjoyable experience if there is no anxiety over whether braces are visible. Dentists such as Staplehurst Dental Practice offer braces in Kent for adults to fit into their busy lifestyles and give them a smile to be proud of. It is even possible to have a new smile in around half a year. The Six Month Smiles technique uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires that do not stand out. This makes it a much more subtle approach than traditional metal appliances.

A new smile in six months?

For many patients in Kent, braces need to work fast. This might be because of an upcoming engagement such as a wedding or important event. Or it may be that they simply do not have time to consider undergoing treatment for a year or more. If the teeth are not severely out-of-place then it really is possible to have straighter teeth quickly with the Six Month Smiles system. This is a fixed appliance, which means that the brackets are bonded to the teeth. It focuses on the front teeth, which are the ones which are visible when people smile. People who have needed braces in Kent and used this procedure have corrected misaligned bites, poorly spaced and crowded teeth. As well as being fast, the Six Month Smiles method can be cost-effective as the treatment time is shorter.

Saving Oral and Overall Health: Don’t Let Kids Drink Sugary Beverages

Little girl drinking waterWhen it comes to beverages, children often choose sweetened drinks over water. The sad part is such choices contain empty calories and lots of sugar that can contribute to weight gain and tooth decay. The damage to teeth intensifies if they consume them in large amounts or if your child has poor oral hygiene.

Common Sugary Drinks

Sweet beverages may include fruit juice, soft drinks, energy drinks, as well as flavored water. Breast milk and unflavored cow’s milk may contain lactose, but they are not considered sugary beverages. Milk, furthermore, is essential for your child’s teeth, bones, and development.

The Truth About Fruit Juice

It’s normal to think that fruit juices are healthy because they come from natural food, loaded with vitamins. The thing is making a glass of orange juice, for instance, will require three to four fruits. Your kid, on the other hand, can get a sufficient amount of vitamin C by eating half an orange. This is why it is best to encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables, instead of drinking juice.

Repercussions to Diet

Indianapolis kids’ dentists note that it’s not advisable to include fruit juice or sweet drinks in your child’s diet. You can let them drink some occasionally and be sure to dilute them in water. Note that consuming sugary beverages contributes to decay, lowers the nutritional quality of your kid’s diet, and teaches the habit of drinking the said beverage.

Water is the Best Drink

For most kids, water is the best drink for quenching thirst. Breast milk is great for infants or those younger than 12 months old. Older kids can still benefit from milk, but be sure to no offer more than three glasses per day since it can result in poor appetite. It is also advisable to avoid soft drinks or artificially sweetened beverages.

Proper Oral Care

Caring for your child’s teeth is also important to avoid tooth decay. Get them into the habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day, for two minutes each time. For babies and toddlers, don’t let them go to sleep with sweetened drinks on the bottle. You should also encourage them to drink from an infant cup when they are six months old.

Don’t let sweetened drink compromise your child’s oral and overall health. Limit or avoid sugary beverages and visit your child’s dentist not later than their first birthday.

A Smile Can Be Your Greatest Asset

Oral Health in WestfieldConfidence is crucial for anyone’s success in both careers and personal matters. A person who can smile their best don’t only get better jobs, but they also have a more positive outlook; thus, giving them more opportunities to enjoy life.

But, according to Gentle Dentist, while it’s easy and natural to smile, many shy away from this because of prevailing physical hindrances. In dentistry, it may be anything from a bad breath problem to periodontal disease.

Dental Health and Self-Esteem

When people experience pain, no matter how small, the whole body becomes affected in the process. In the same manner, when you have poor oral health, your confidence to smile slowly goes out of the picture. People lose confidence because they think they look bad.

A Much Needed Social Asset

The connection between dental health and self-esteem closely relates to the belief that pearly white teeth paired with a clean oral cavity make up a spotless smile and encourages success. In fact, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Industry, almost every adult acknowledges that a smile is a very important asset. For instance, when you have a confident smile, you’ll naturally look more attractive and relaxed. This realization, in turn, enables a person to function better and have great contributions to the community.

If you think your smile could use a confidence boost, please visit your dentist.