Worthy Investments for Modernizing the Office

Worthy Investments for Modernizing the Office

Our offices are our second home: They need to be conducive for productivity, energy, and motivation, they need to be comfortable enough to make your employees want to go to work, and they should be able to keep its occupants as safe and healthy as possible.

If your company is currently waiting out the pandemic and if you have enough funds for it, now is a good time to make some upgrades to your workplace so that your employees have a high-quality space to look forward to when they return to the traditional work set-up. At the same time, if you haven’t made some upgrades in the office for the past twenty years, now may be the best time to start bringing your workplace into the 21st century. Here are some worthy investments to modernize your office this 2021.

Digital security and backup services

All of us, at one point, have experienced losing precious data or files with no hope of them ever being retrieved. Many of us have also experienced coming across harmful viruses that obliterated not just our information but also placed our privacy and security at risk. Now imagine if any of these digital scuffles happened to your business—studies show that thousands of companies still tend to leave their files unprotected.

Thankfully, there are now plenty of companies that provide digital backup and security services. If your company relies on digital paperwork and if many of your transactions happen online, these professional services can help keep your files and business as secure and safe as possible.

Mini PCs

These PCs may be small, but they’re powerful. If your office still relies on bulky PCs that take forever to load, now is a good time to outfit your workplace with power-saving, small-form computers that pack a punch despite their size. These small PCs, like the Intel NUC i5 7th generation, are small enough to fit in the palm of our hands but have enough bandwidth and processing power to run all of our necessary office applications.

The tiny dimensions don’t sacrifice PC performance, and they can support different kinds of updated processors. They also have lightning-fast SSDs and provide multiple displays to help users improve motivation and productivity levels.

Smart technology

Contactless technology will be all the rage in offices this 2021, as companies have to find ways to reduce face-to-face interaction and heavy foot traffic. Smart technology can play a big part in this, as some software tools can help office workers navigate the office, check rooms that are occupied, and book office rooms remotely and in advance.

Not only is the smart office concept conducive for the post-pandemic world, but it will also help your company save money on electric bills. Some smart features know when to turn themselves off when not in use, like lighting and temperature. These smart features also provide you with more control over your tech; some of them you can even control through an app on your phone.

Glass partitions

glass partitions

One of the simplest ways to instantly modernize your office without making major renovations is by switching to glass partitions. There’s a reason why an atmosphere of openness has so much appeal not just to commercial property owners but also to homeowners—a more open space exudes the feeling of less wasted space. In the context of a workspace, it eliminates secrecy and creates an atmosphere of collaboration and transparency. It’s relatively low-cost and improves the acoustics in your office as well.

More upgrades to consider

Here are some more office upgrades you can consider to modernize your company’s workspace:

  • Invest in high-quality furniture. When was the last time you replaced the couch? Especially if the other furniture pieces like chairs are already falling apart, it’s time to let them go. For pieces that only need a paint job, you can also refurbish them to avoid spending too much—you can turn it into a group project for your employees, too.
  • Motorized standing desks are also worthy investments because while sitting is not necessarily the new smoking, sitting for hours at a time is a part of a wider problem of physical inactivity.
  • Mood-boosting design elements, like indoor plants and stunning artwork. You can also reorganize your filing system and make them more colorful, not just for function but also for aesthetics.

The COVID-19 crisis may have changed the way we work, but life will have to get back to normal at some point, and offices are here to stay in some capacity. Don’t hesitate to make some upgrades; they’re worthy investments that will return to you in increased productivity for you and your employees.