Businesses You Can Start If You Love Cars

Businesses You Can Start If You Love Cars

Most people love cars. They are an important part of our world, whether they are used for racing or just getting from one place to the next. Someone with a passion for cars is bound to have ideas about improving them in some way. Since you love cars so much, why not look into turning that passion into a business?

Here are some businesses you can engage in if you are fond of cars:

Car Repair Shop

Owning and managing a car repair shop can be lucrative, but it can also entail high expenses. The startup costs for this kind of business include purchasing tools and equipment needed to work on cars and marketing materials such as signage and flyers. A good location is another consideration when opening a car repair shop.


There are many ways to be an entrepreneur in the ridesharing industry. One way is to start a taxi service, but it’s also possible to raise funds via apps like GoFundMe or Kickstarter and then use that money for fleet acquisition. Uber has proven that using an app can work well.

Car Rental Business

If you have a large enough parking space, renting it out to people who need temporary car storage is another idea. You can also rent out your own car if you don’t drive it often. Check with your local laws first, though—there might be certain requirements for this kind of business.

Car Dealership

In some places, selling cars is a very lucrative business. You can invest in a new or used car dealership franchise; it’s your choice. This kind of business requires a lot of networking and marketing skills to be successful, so don’t forget to budget money for these things.

Vintage Car Restoration

Do you have a vintage car that’s collecting dust in your garage? You can restore it and sell it for a profit, as long as the price is right. It might take some time before you can find a buyer, though. There’s also the risk of someone buying it and then returning it to you, claiming that they purchased the wrong item. Make sure that you include this in your calculations when deciding whether to take on a vintage car restoration business.

You don’t have to own an expensive luxury car to have good ideas about improving it or other vehicles in general. With so many potential customers around, there should be no problem finding people willing to pay for the kinds of services you offer.

Car Wrapping

You can make your car stand out by using a vinyl wrap. This isn’t the same as getting it painted since the vinyl wraps don’t just cover the car’s exterior. Vinyl wraps also work on glass, bumpers, and even rims. There are many designs to choose from as well.

Car wrapping is more affordable than getting the car painted and protects the paint underneath. There are many designs to choose from if you master the art of car wrapping.

Car Washing and Detailing
car with foamy soap about to be cleaned

Have you always wanted your own self-serve gas station? You don’t have to go that far. As long as you have water, electricity, a hose for rinsing cars, brushes, towels, waxes, and polishes, then it’s possible to start a car washing and detailing business.

Car Electronics

If you can’t seem to get enough of your cars, why not open a store that sells nothing but car electronics? People who like cars tend to buy gadgets for their vehicles as well—it’s one way of showing off how much they love their ride. Car owners are proud of the upgrades they’ve made to their cars, too.

Parking Space for Rent

You don’t have to own a car to make money from them. You can invest in parking space for rent and then make a profit every time someone rents the space from you. Buying a vacant lot is one way of doing this, but it might be hard to find one at a reasonable price.

Car Buy and Sell

Car owners might want to sell their cars off when they get older or if they live in a place where it’s inconvenient to own one. If you have good knowledge about the market and how much certain kinds of cars are worth, then buying and selling used cars is something you can do.

Online Car Auctions

Car auctions online work like regular auctions, except you can bid using credit cards. It’s almost like sourcing for new cars without having to do any of the hard work yourself; just make sure that you know your market well before doing this.

If you love cars and you think that running one of these businesses might give you the satisfaction that you’re looking for, then what are you waiting for? You can start your own car business right away. Just be sure to research the industry beforehand and ask yourself if you’re really passionate about it. If yes, then go for it.