Influential CEOs and Business Leaders Who Exemplify Positive Leadership

Influential CEOs and Business Leaders Who Exemplify Positive Leadership

Effective governance helps government agencies, private corporations and even small businesses improve their existing processes. With great leadership, companies can implement strategies that provide long-term benefits to the company, clients, employees and other people who are affected by certain services. This is why having a good leader is extremely crucial for a lot of people. Without the right people, average employees and staff will continue following old and outdated policies. When this happens, customers, investors and the whole community will suffer from poor service. Companies will also remain stagnant while struggling to achieve growth and innovation.

Finding and Defining a Good Leader

Having a good leader makes all the difference because these people usually make positive changes. They create remarkable contributions regardless of whether they are working for the government or running a private company. They possess traits that help them bring a significant impact on the people around them. Here are some of the most remarkable traits of a good leader:

  • Remains honest regardless of the situation
  • Knows how to delegate tasks
  • Possess effective communication skills
  • Resonates confidence
  • Stays committed to their goals
  • Inspires people to do better
  • Displays empathy to people around them
  • Remains responsible and accountable for their actions

CEOs and Business Leaders with Excellent Leadership Skills

Only a few people can succeed in becoming great leaders because not all people can display remarkable traits such as the ones mentioned above. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no great leaders out there. In fact, there are several individuals who are already making rounds on the internet because of their exemplary leadership skills. Here are some of them:

  • Larry Page (Google) – Creativity, intelligence, ambition and drive are only some of the factors that describe Page’s leadership skills. He keeps looking for innovative ways to grow the company and ensure that Google provides relevant and valuable benefits to consumers in different parts of the world. He also allows his team to present crazy ideas, so they can come up with the best strategies for the company.
  • Tim Cook (Apple) – Apple is already a well-established brand, but CEO Tim Cook continues displaying humility among others. He is not afraid to ask for other people’s suggestions and opinions. For him, it’s essential to know what other people, especially his team and Apple consumers what they think will improve their products.
  • Neon Kian Hong (SMRT) – This newly appointed SMRT CEO has impressed a lot of people because of his empathy towards people. To learn about what needs to be done to improve MRT service in Singapore, he chose to immerse himself in the commuters’ world. He even sold his car, so he has more reason to use the MRT and make significant observations about the things that need to be changed, fixed and improved. He also regularly visits staff, especially those in charge of the train’s maintenance. This way, he can oversee their job and provide significant feedback to make their jobs easier, efficient and productive.
  • Elon Musk (Tesla) – Tesla continues to break through barriers, thanks to the effective leadership of Elon Musk. This popular CEO prioritizes growth and innovation without compromising quality service. He makes sure that his team provides the best solutions for consumers. He confidently takes risks and ensures that he and his team can continue delivering impressive projects for people around the world.
  • Howard Schultz (Starbucks) – Schultz has a clear vision, and he wanted to make sure that Starbucks remains a reputable brand across the globe. He developed a culture where employees are respected regardless of their job positions. He also focuses on providing excellent customer experience, both for patrons and upcoming clients.
  • Mark Parker (Nike) – Defining growth for an insanely huge brand seems impossible, but Mark Parker continues to emphasise positive change and innovation. No wonder, Nike remains a popular brand because they continue providing solutions to consumers. The brand is also known for making inspiring advertisements which helps encourage people to stay focused, inspired and confident. This only shows that great leaders don’t just focus on making a profit, but concentrates on making a positive change in the community.

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People often have high expectations in the leadership skills of CEOs, business owners and other people with a higher position. Most of them believe that these leaders need to provide excellent service and come up with the best solutions. Doing this can be really challenging, especially for those who just started with their jobs as company leaders. However, this doesn’t mean that becoming a great leader is impossible. As mentioned, there are several people who are already inspiring a lot of people because of their leadership skills. Hopefully, more people will step up and start displaying remarkable leadership skills. This way, more people will benefit from impressive services and experience innovative solutions for their day-to-day activities.