Choosing the Right Executive Search Service

Choosing the Right Executive Search Service

Slone PartnersTrying to find the right candidate for your management positions is not that easy. To make the search manageable, you need to find a reputable recruitment firm specializing in executives. A good recommendation from firms like Slone Partners, for instance, can be hard to beat than a recommendation from someone who’s not even known in your industry. With specialist executive search firms, there’s a bigger chance of finding an executive for your job opening.

Criteria for Choosing

As much as there are criteria for choosing a suitable candidate, there are also criteria for choosing an executive search firm. First of all, the company should have a high rate of success in finding the right executive for your industry. Typically, success is defined in terms of specific metrics — the quality of the hire, a quick search, the cost of the hiring process, executive hire retention rate, satisfaction, and performance.

In addition, they should be able to show past results in a verifiable manner. That means they should be able to prove that they were able to field successful candidates. Cost-effectiveness is another metric. It is also important that the recruited candidates negotiated for salaries and packages, which are lower than what other search firms offer.

The Efficiency of the Hire

There are other measures of efficiency as far as executive search firms are concerned. These include the number of days until the first candidate submission, days to fill up the position, the percentage of candidates submitted to those eventually interviewed, the retention ratio, and the diversity ratio.

Diversity is not just a buzzword, it should be part of the search criteria. It has become an important part of the way business is done in the country. These are metrics that can be easily computed, and there’s no need to come up with a weighted grade for the metric. The values can be studied on their own, for analysis and use in further or subsequent recruitment.

Finding the right candidate is indeed difficult, but you shouldn’t be impatient. It takes time to find the right person for the job, and you’ll thank yourself in the end once they start contributing to your business.