Tips for Finding the Right Paper-Shredding Service


Shredded paper

Have you ever imagined every office desk in your business having heaps of old c, with nowhere to go and just stuck in the traffic caused by your old, struggling paper shredder? Well, you haven’t, for sure, if you are under contract with a company that offer paper-shredding services. If you are not, then I guess it is time to do so. Paper-shredding companies can save a lot of space and money. It can also relieve some of your stress. To get the best service, it is important to check out three factors below:


Paper-shredding services are not very expensive. They are also not time-consuming as your old paperwork can be picked up from or transported to usually one location, making transport costs cheaper or nil. One can find shredding services that charge £45 for every 30-pound box of paper. You would be lucky to find a company that charges £25 for boxes weighing less than 25 pounds. Some companies offer a bit higher cost for the first box then lower for the succeeding boxes. While many providers base the shredding rate on where the business is located, some look at how much paper you are having for shredding services or how often you would be needing their service. This should become clear in the contract agreement. Also, note that it is also cheaper to drop documents off at the company’s location.

Types of Services

Shredded paper

One can choose from typically five types of services: one-time shredding, regular shredding, on-site shredding, off-site shredding, and drop-off shredding. One-time shredding, also called annual purge shredding, is the most common as many companies have it for their annual clean-out of old documents. Regular shredding allows companies to have their documents collected regularly for shredding. Also called mobile paper shredding, on-site shredding does the shredding on hire. On the other hand, off-site shredding uses a secure destruction site. Finally, drop-off shredding is done with you dropping off the documents to the shredding location. It is advisable to choose the service that conforms to your shredding needs to minimise costs. An annual purge is cost-effective, while regular shredding is not if there is not much inventory of documents on the chosen shredding dates.


It is pertinent to search for services that come with security features on the documents you are leaving for shredding. Make sure the contract provides a stipulation that no one else will see the documents that will be shredded. The information contained in these old records and paperwork can still be stolen. There are service providers that have consoles—where documents are stored—with a lock and security codes. These locked consoles are only opened and locked by one designated person from your company. Also, each console has its own unique lock so that if a container is misplaced, it will be easier to retrieve it. For some providers that accept only drop-off services to their locations, a console is not provided; instead, the box is labelled by a unique barcode, making it easier to scan and trace.

Shredding documents and records is provided only by companies with certifications as they handle sensitive information. When choosing one to do the job for you, be picky. Look for a provider that has national certification, not just experience and technologies, to do the job.