Do You Need a Fire Door?

Do You Need a Fire Door?

Every year in Utah, fires kill and hurt. The 2017 data from the US Fire Administration revealed that all fires in Utah contributed to 1.7 deaths and 5.5 injuries per 1,000 incidents.

Residential fires, however, were worse. At least 17 people suffered injuries, and more than seven people died for every thousand incidents. There were far more casualties in Utah residential fires than the national average.

Overall, fires in Utah made up 4.8% of all types of incidents compared to 4.2% in all states.

Living in Utah has its pros and cons, and when it comes to the latter, fire is one of them. Any home or business must be ready, beginning with the installation of fire doors.

To give you more ideas about fire doors, read the FAQs below:

1. What Are Fire Doors?

In hindsight, fire doors can be any door. It might be , kitchen doors, or exit doors. You can still enter and leave through them. 

Being a passageway, though, is not its primary purpose. Its job is to become a passive fire system.

When a fire occurs, the door should prevent it from entering into the room as long as possible. Usually, it can hold fire for about 30 minutes, allowing enough time to escape.

It also prevents smoke from coming in. Many studies showed a lot of people died not from the fire itself but smoke inhalation and suffocation.

2. How Does a Fire Door Look?

Fire door designs can vary, depending on the state’s requirements. It usually has a timber frame with a layer of glass. It also has a seal that prevents smoke and fire from entering into the premises.

It can have a gap between the frame and the door, but it’s so small light cannot penetrate.

Besides this, fire doors can still be aesthetically pleasing or blend well with the establishment or the other entries.

Fire Door

3. Should Homes Install Fire Doors?

Fire doors might be mandatory in a lot of businesses. These companies are usually in high-traffic areas, and they accommodate many employees and customers. It’s also common for companies to share a building with others.

It can be a different case with residences. Homes might opt to skip a fire door unless:

  • They also function as businesses, such as daycare centers or assisted-living facilities
  • The property is more than two stories high, separated by stairwells
  • They are in areas with high risks of fires

When in doubt, you can refer to the state’s Fire Prevention and Safety Act. You can also receive tips from your local fire department.

4. How Much Does a Fire Door Cost?

A fire door could cost around $1,300. It is expensive as this is not a regular door. It doesn’t use conventional materials, and it needs to go through rigorous tests to ensure it is fire-rated. The installation process can also be meticulous.
Keep in mind, though, fire doors keep you, your business, and your people safe. Human lives are priceless. These doors might be not only ideal but also necessary for you.