Five Ways a Dog Prepares Millennials for Parenthood

Five Ways a Dog Prepares Millennials for Parenthood

Caring for a dog in San DiegoIt’s been a trend among millennial couples to own dogs as “replacement for children,” said Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University.

Caring for a dog can be good practice for parenthood because they help in these areas:

1. Developing a Sense of Responsibility

Both dogs and babies release the maternal and paternal instincts in all of us. Just like toddlers, puppies cannot be left alone at such a tender age. Nights out will be compromised, but going home to a furry friend is just as fun.

2. Learning About Budgeting

Even if a study shows that millennials are more likely to splurge on their pets, setting aside their salary for a sack of dog food, puppy shots, and the occasional chew toy can get very expensive. Because they have dogs, millennials learn how to provide for someone other than themselves – a sign of excellent parenthood.

3. Keeping the Daily Grind

Parents thrive on routines, and not just their own. A baby needs to wake up, eat, and sleep at predictable intervals. Dogs need just the same kind of treatment, which is perfect for the spontaneous and impulsive tendencies of millennials.

4. Developing Discipline

When you own a dog, you become a disciplinarian because of all the tricks you need them to learn before they start leaving poop all over the house. But it will take time. The Positive Impressions team knows that good pet behavior will come from even better training.

5. Expressing and Receiving Love

This last one comes naturally yet is the most fulfilling part of having a furry companion. It’s hard not to love your dogs when they give you the same amount of affection unconditionally. You’ll just wake up one day and realize that you love your dog just as you would your own child.

Dogs are absolute bundles of joy. A pet teaches a young American how to become the kind of parent they wish to be, all while getting sloppy kisses in return – worth it.