How to Market Your Funeral Home Without Hard Selling

How to Market Your Funeral Home Without Hard Selling

Running a funeral home is the same as running any company. You need to market your business so that you will have more customers. But, the difficulty with a funeral parlor is that you cannot appear too aggressive when it comes to marketing and advertising your company and services.

For example, if you hire an SEO company in Denver, you cannot tell them to post photos of your customers on your website or social media accounts because that is just inappropriate. If you want to market your funeral home successfully, subtlety is the key. No one wants to be reminded that you are earning a profit off the death of their loved one.

Here are some useful tricks to reaching your target market without hard selling your funeral parlor.

Create a logo that is subtle

Despite the fact that everyone will die, most people still do not want to think about it. And they especially do not want to hear someone make a sales pitch about funeral arrangements. With that in mind, be careful when you are about to create a logo for your company.

Your logo should evoke feelings of sympathy and melancholy. Professional graphic artists say that light shades of blue and soft edges are best for this type of logo. On the other hand, stay away from sharp colors like red, orange, and yellow, which are usually associated with sales and discounts. You may be running a business, but your customers should never feel that you are trying to make a sale.

Use direct mail marketing

Marketing a business service that a lot of people are uncomfortable discussing about can make things worse if you are too impersonal with your strategy. If you want to reach out to potential customers without implying too much that you want to make a sale and profit, then you have to approach them in a more personal way.

Direct mail marketing will always trump email marketing when it comes to valuing customers. Customers who still receive advertisements or promotional materials in their mailboxes have said over and over that they feel more valued when they are reached this way.

One reason is that receiving a promo via online removes all the hard work that people often associate with sending out mails via the post office. When they receive a mail through their mailbox informing them about your funeral parlor and all the other benefits they will get if they do business with you, they will more likely feel more appreciated than just getting an email.

Sell peace of mind, not features

Lastly, reach out to your potential customers by making an emotional connection with them. Do not focus too much on the features of your funeral home, like the seating capacity or the spacious parking lot. That is not what they want to hear at this point in their lives.
Instead, let them know that by choosing your funeral home, taking care of all the details in this situation will be a lot easier because they have you. This way, they can focus more on saying goodbye to their loved one.