Making Technology Work for SMEs

Making Technology Work for SMEs

Woman checking her phoneEntrepreneurs know that promoting your products and services is an investment. The more you let other people know about your business, the more chances you have at selling them.

With the development of mobile apps for IOS and android platforms, you have more options on marketing your products or services. Online sites like Amazon and Shopee provide a convenient way for consumers to buy products using your smartphone. Find what is right for your business and follow these marketing tips:


Social media has been a useful tool in the business world. Most entrepreneurs choose online marketing because it is more effective and affordable. You can reach a broader customer base from all over the world. Doing so could help you cut off expenses in rentals and some supplies.

Here are the most influential social media sites most entrepreneurs use:

1. Facebook – A Facebook page allows businesses to create followers and inform them of any sales, discounts, and events. Choose the right images, boost yout posts, and always engage your followers.

2. Twitter – This platform helps to keep your brand trending online. Use hashtags and unique posts to engage your followers and inform them of any important updates about your products.

3. YouTube – Creating a page would require you to put your videos online. You need content to be interesting to engage your audience and make it viral.


The significant part of the marketing plan is defining your target market.  You must do extensive research on consumer spending habits in your industry. What problems do they have that need a solution?  If there are competitors, you have to provide a solution that is accessible and easy to use. A mobile app that provides easy access to your services or brand puts you a step forward.


Get feedback from your audience and ask their opinion on what needs to improve or change. This way, you know the best way to develop your products and services to maintain your hold on the market.

Using the latest technology can help you maintain the connections with your prospects, customers, and colleagues. Engage them with constant updates, sale offers, and discounts so they will remain interested and invested in your business.