Tips for Boosting Your Employees’ Knowledge Without Spending Thousands of Dollars

Tips for Boosting Your Employees’ Knowledge Without Spending Thousands of Dollars

Training your employees and adding something essential to their already vast knowledge are a kind of investment any business must make. Training them increases their efficiency and productivity. It also streamlines processes and procedures. It makes the organization more consistent, allowing it to meet its goals and targets. In short, training employees in various topics, tasks, skills, and processes is the single most important investment that you can make in your workforce.

Unfortunately, not all companies have the money to spend on programs such as employee anti-sexual-harassment training. Many don’t have the resources to send their employees to workshops, seminars, and conferences. Hence, their businesses suffer. Their employees are left wanting. They don’t grow and blossom into their careers. They remain stagnant, and so do many of the tasks they do for you.

There are plenty of ways for you to train your employees without spending tens of thousands of dollars. On average, training employees will cost about $1,250 per person a year. That’s not the only cost associated with training workers. You’ll lose them for days sometimes, and that means someone else has to step up to do their work. Also, there’s no guarantee that boosting your employees’ knowledge will help retain them. Chances are that another company will benefit from what they have learned from the training that you have paid for.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t train them. This only means that you should train them more and be a better employer so that your investment won’t go to waste. Here are some affordable tricks for training employees:

Create a Training Video

watching a training video

Producing a training video is cheap. For about $1,000 to $1,500, you can create a corporate training video that you can let your employees watch over and over. New employees can watch these videos as part of their onboarding process. As for older employees, they can watch it for retraining, just in case they have forgotten some company policy and skill know-how that they should be aware of.

Buy Modules

Plenty of training programs put up their modules for sale, either in print format or for downloads. You can buy the modules and print them up for distribution among your employees. Give them time to read through the modules and then hold a meeting where you can discuss the module in detail. During the meeting, allow everyone to voice their concerns and raise questions. This is also a chance for you to get to know your employees beyond the professional level.

Invite Resource Speakers

It is cheaper to invite resource speakers, pay their hours, and provide accommodation and food than send employees to out-of-town seminars and conferences. Make sure to invite resource speakers who will contribute and improve your employees’ knowledge and skills. You should also ask the speakers if you can record the training or workshop so that you can show it to your new employees in the future.

There are many affordable ways to train your employees. But you have to be resourceful and exert a little bit of effort. In the end, your business will reap the rewards of productive, efficient, and well-trained employees.