Weatherproofing to Secure and Improve Your Business

Weatherproofing to Secure and Improve Your Business

Bad weather comes and goes, but it can be pretty detrimental to business when it does arrive. That is especially true when it comes unexpectedly and you still have to keep operations running. After all, there are bills to meet, goods to sell, crew to pay, and customers to serve. Just how can you keep your business up and get the customers rolling in even when the skies are looking grim? You can turn to these tips for some options.

Make sure your windows and entry points are secure.

Glass is a great way to let natural light into your space and also showcase your interiors to any passersby. Still, it can also be a hazard when there is a risk of debris and harsh winds during heavy storms and other natural disasters. The Federal Emergency Management Agency put out guidelines for protecting windows, skylights, vents, and glazed sections of doors precisely because of the dangers these entry points can have. Make sure you ask your window installation contractor to check for any vulnerabilities and opt for variations that are built to be stormproof. Aside from wind pressure and debris, FEMA also notes the importance of looking for gaps and cracks that may lead to water leakage that will spill indoors.

In particular, you can also integrate impact-resistant material hand-in-hand with other physical protective systems like shutters, screens, and panels. These additions can allow you to keep things running without sacrificing safety precautions.

Set up online transactions.


This step is a good measure that can encourage consumers to continue buying your products, whether it’s food or retail, because it allows them to shop with ease from the comfort of their own home and nixes the need for long lines that would keep them outside longer. In general, statistics already show that 67% of shoppers in the United States have made use of ‘Buy Online Pick Up in Store’ option even on regular days without weather troubles. That is mostly because of the convenience it provides through different factors, like being able to look through a menu or catalog at your own pace on your device, ordering immediately online but not having to pay for shipping, and being able to inspect the item in-store. Hence, there’s no need to worry about returns. The appeal of this just makes it more apparent when there are issues with the weather and other stores may not provide the same helpful service.

Prepare your skeleton crew.

Depending on how severe things are, it may be best to operate with just the most essential workers in your staff or crew during times like this. That makes it easier to manage everyone safely. You can still provide quality service for customers as long as you properly prep your team with protocols and make sure that you have put measures in place to ensure their safety as well. Compensation would also be a crucial point to consider for these events, though if you feel it is too hazardous to bring in your staff, it may be a sign that the weather might be too bad to open up for the day.

It may be tricky to run a business rain or shine, but there are ways to make it more manageable and safe.