Four Strategies on Pulling Off A Marriage Proposal Successfully

Four Strategies on Pulling Off A Marriage Proposal Successfully

Planning a marriage proposal can be a very nerve-wracking experience. After all, you will be required to wear your heart on a sleeve while asking the love of your life to spend the rest of their life with you. And even if you are like 75% of couples who live together before getting married, there is still the element of the unknown. And that can mess you up a little bit.

So, what should you do to pull off a marriage proposal successfully?

   1. Start planning for it early on

Once you decide that you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner, you need to start making some plans. You need to find ways of determining details like your partner’s ring size, whether they love or hate the idea of a public proposal, whether they have always dreamed of being proposed to in a certain way or place, etc.

Planning helps to ensure that when you make the actual marriage proposal to your partner, most things will work out as you intended. And that will ensure that you make good memories for the one that you love.

  2. Find the perfect engagement ring

If you have planned well in advance for your marriage proposal, then you would have an idea of your partner’s ring size. But you can always “steal” a ring from your partner so that you can determine the finger size. Or you could recruit one of your mutual friends or family members to find a way to get your partner’s ring size. Do whatever you need to do so that your partner does not have to part with the engagement ring later on for it to be resized.

The right engagement ring is one that suits your partner and is meaningful to that person. The average cost of a diamond ring stands at about $6,000. But what if that’s not what your partner wants? That’s why you need to pay attention to any clues your partner leaves on what appeals to them the most about jewelry, in terms of stones, size, shape, design, etc.

If there is a standard practice in your family or your partner’s family of passing on rings to the next generation, then you need to get the heirloom ring and have it polished and resized if necessary. Your partner could also be a practical person who wants a ring that is suited to the kind of job they have to minimize injury. In that case, it’s up to you to find out what metals work best.

The perfect ring is the one that your partner will enjoy looking at while appreciating how thoughtful you were to get them what they truly desire.

man with engagement ring

   3. Find the right venue

Beach front resturants are always an excellent option for marriage ceremonies.  And some have private function rooms that would suit those who want more private engagements.  You can also choose to propose elsewhere like in your own home, at the local park, etc.

But be careful about the venue that you choose because it can make or break your marriage proposal. Find a place that has the resources that you need to pull off your engagement successfully. And if you choose a venue like a restaurant, don’t be afraid to recruit those working there to help you out. Most people are romantics at heart and would enjoy helping you out.

   4. Capture the beautiful memories

It is a good idea to have a photographer or videographer discretely follow you and take pictures or videos of your engagement. That way, you can capture the wonderful memories of that day and have something to show off to your loved ones.

Pulling off a marriage proposal successfully takes work. And it can be quite nerve-wracking. But if you plan well, find the perfect right, and propose in the right venue, you can pull it off. And you will have beautiful images to share for a long time to come