Signs You’re With Someone You Must Marry

Signs You’re With Someone You Must Marry

There are people who are lucky enough to be in secured and long-term relationships where they feel all giddy and excited and could really envision their future together. There are special moments with your partner that would make you think about your future, getting a fancy engagement ring in Salt Lake City, and getting married. However, it’s definitely normal to feel confused with picking up certain ‘signs’ sometimes. After all, getting married is no joke and it’s definitely an event in people’s lives that needs to be well-thought of before deciding to do it.

If you’re getting confused and having mixed feelings about whether or not you should get married to your partner, here are some signs that could help you find clarity:

Shared Goals Even in the Distant Future

There’s a big tendency for goals to change, especially when it’s a long-term one. Many things could happen during those years of being together that could change your perspectives towards life, and in turn, alter your goals. There’s not a specific moment that would confirm the change, it could happen subconsciously. Sometimes couples in long-term relationships break up due to them growing apart and no longer having the same goals in life.

So, after you and your partner have been together for a long time, evaluate your goals together as a couple and if you still share the same outlook in life. This is definitely one of the signs that could help you realize that you have found the ‘one.’

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You Both Know How You Feel About Everything

One of the most obvious yet tricky signs is knowing your partner so well that you both could tell how the other person is feeling. For instance, when you both can tell how happy the other is. A research was conducted at the University of Virginia between couples and showed that only about 40.9% out of more than 4,000 participants could correctly tell if their partner was happy. Knowing each other beyond shared interests and on a deeper level could definitely lead to a happy, healthy marriage.

You Can Both Communicate (and Understand) Each Other Freely

Communication is definitely one of the most important aspects of having a successful and healthy relationship. You should evaluate how well you and your partner could communicate with each other openly, without the feeling that you need to hold back. One great way to put it is if you and your partner treat each other like genuinely good friends. This is backed up by a study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research done in 2014, which says that couples who have a genuine friendship with their partners and refer to their partner as their ‘best friend’ would most likely result in a happier and healthier marriage.

So, think if you can ask everything about anything to your partner without the worry of being shamed. Think if you can also openly listen to what they have to say, and you have the same level of respect for each other.

There’s no real formula in figuring out if you’ve finally found the right one, but sticking to the basics of a steady and happy relationship would also lead to a happy marriage.