Air Conditioning Unit: When Should You Repair or Replace It?

Air Conditioning Unit: When Should You Repair or Replace It?

Air conditioning units are part of every home. If your air conditioner fails to provide a relaxed atmosphere inside the house, will you choose to repair or replace it? The decision that you will make is not easy since air conditioners are an expensive investment. That’s why we gathered and analyzed these essential things that you must consider when your AC no longer operates at optimum levels.

Check the age of your air conditioning unit.

This is the topmost consideration when choosing whether to repair or replace your air conditioner. As much as you want to save some money, an air conditioning unit that is more than ten years old must be replaced with one of the newer models. When you choose to replace your AC unit with a more efficient one, you will not only enjoy better cooling but lower energy consumption as well.

An older or aged unit is less efficient and has a lower SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios. Today, the recommended efficiency rating is 13 SEER, and air conditioning units manufactured in 2006 don’t meet this standard. Another thing that can help you decide which choice to make is by following the 5,000 rule. This means that when the cost of AC repair is higher than $5000,  you will need to replace it with a newer one. If the price is equal or lesser than the $5000, you should have it repaired or get some parts replaced.

Know the frequency of troubles and repairs.

Air conditioning repair experts from Shreveport, LA, say it’s time to replace your air conditioner when it is causing more problems than comfort to you and your family. When your air conditioning unit keeps on breaking down, does not provide cool air inside your home, and constantly makes whirring or thumping noises, you need to replace the unit.

Maintenance is essential for every air conditioner, and it must be done regularly by a professional. You should not think, however, that regular maintenance means your air conditioner needs to be replaced soon. Even finding some minor issues are considered normal. Just take it up with your HVAC technician during the scheduled cleaning, and the problems should be resolved relatively quickly.

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Efficiency matters the most

When your ten-year-old air conditioning unit is running continuously without offering relief from the heat, this is a clear indicator that you need to let go of your unit and replace it with a more efficient one. Do not dwell on replacement costs because air conditioners are a good investment. Besides keeping your bills lower, the new AC models also come with various features, such as dehumidifiers, smart thermostat compatibility, and scroll technology, which are useful at home.

Ask for recommendations from the expert.

For homeowners who still cannot decide whether to repair or replace their air conditioning unit, asking recommendations from a professional is a good idea. An HVAC technician can determine the possible problems of the unit, fix any issues, and save you from the cost of a new air conditioning unit. However, if the problems cannot be fixed quickly and the repair cost is too high, your best option is a replacement.

Many factors can influence what you decide to do with your air conditioning unit. It would help if you carefully assess the situation, have an expert look at the unit, and weigh all your options so that you don’t end up spending more than what is required.